Coming Soon: The Fleet update!

Ahoy, me mateys!

We wanted to give you a little insight in to something we’ve been working on — we’re calling it “The Fleet Update!”

First, some background: 

Pirates, in the glory days, would keep the ships they captured. These ships were worth gobs of money — not only in the actual cost of the ship itself, but also by the  ability of that ship to earn money for it’s Captain and crew. A sunk ship don’t earn no money, right?

Some of the most infamous Pirates of all time created entire fleets of ships — upwards of 10 or more, in some case. One of the most famous examples of this is the great pirate Blackbeard, who had a fleet of up to 12 ships at one point, before he lost his head.

So, along that vein, we thought it’d be cool to give our pirates the ability to have multiple ships — which, incidentally, caused us to re-think the way the ships work within Rule The Seas.

Currently, the Row Boat and the most expensive ships have the same sail time, and that doesn’t make much sense, does it?

In practical application, some ships might, necessarily, be slower — because of large cargo holds and a more heavy armament — and others might have been faster with less armor and armament, so, clearly, it makes sense that certain ships would be used for different things.

Within the game, if a player is out questing, then they might want to use one of their faster ships while traveling between ports, rather than a slower, more heavily armed ship.

Additionally, pirates will have to figure out which ships are best suited for what purposes. If you’re in a naval fight — say, you’re working on Ruler of the Seas — does it make sense to have a faster ship compared to a more heavily armed ship? Do you want to be able to make more/faster naval attacks — but, maybe, with less of a chance of actually winning each fight… — OR, does something in the middle, with a good combination of arms and speed, make more sense?

We want to give you that choice.

Further, the entire reason pirates like Blackbeard had multiple ships was because it made them more money. Piracy wasn’t just a lifestyle, it was a business — each ship in the fleet required maintenance, and each extra ship constituted more crew members who have mouths to feed and expected salaries.

So, it makes sense that we provide you with a way to manage your fleet more effectively, offsetting the costs of maintenance with the ability to earn.

I’ve been purposefully vague with some of these updates, because much of what we’re working on is in flux and can (and probably will) change. However, we’re targeting the beginning of March with this update — and we think it’ll be a good one.

Thank you for your continued support, Pirates — and we hope you’re looking forward to this update as much as we are.

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at user #9.

~Master of the Sea~