Old Ironbeard’s Gambit

Old Ironbeard’s Gambit
The sea is roaring in the night with the passing of a distant storm, waves lashing against the hull and setting it to rock. You sit in the galley of Deen’s Brand, enjoying grog while you play a game of one-and-thirty. Your fellow pirates are enjoying merriment of many kinds, or taking a caulk, as they await the words of the captain, who has called for a gathering. The crew of Deen’s Brand, as well as other ships owing allegiance to the red-haired pirate king, have been sailing south along the Chilean coast in search of a Chilote warlock.

At last, Old Ironbeard enters and addresses the crew.

“Show a leg, mates! I be about to run a rig, an’ all ye squiffy scallywags’ll be my gambit! All ye need do is what ye do best! Tonight is a night for all manner of delinquency! I care not whether ye steal a pig or make a lady into a strumpet! Plunder yer brother, fer all I care! But do it well, and keep each other out o’ the brig. I go to secure the services of an infernal man o’ the cloth, protected by the fiercest warriors of the isle of Chiloe. The bigger the raucus, the more of his men ye’ll draw down upon yerselves, givin’ me a fair chance to reason with the Serpent’s pawn in peace. I’ve a present for each o’ ye as does right by me this night.”

He holds up a strange coin that seems to glow and emanate darkness at the same time.
“Trust me…you’ll be wantin’ it, where we’re headin’ next. Now, we way anchor! Smartly hurl yerselves overboard and bring down trouble on this town the likes o’ which’d shame the devil himself!”

See the forum post for more details on the competition.

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