The Black Spot


Scuttlebutt is that quite a few scurvy dogs’re interested in learnin’ the whereabouts of Old Ironbeard’s motherload. Not that a bit’o competition ain’t good fer the soul, but you’ll take any chance to hornswaggle a rival!

Rather than hang the jib, p’raps it’s time to blow the man down. And if ya can’t do it yerself, find a swabbie who can! Or many swabbies! Many hands make light work. Of course, many mouths deplete the stores. So keep yerself in good shape and maybe you can outlast yer opponents, and gather some booty, besides.

Surely one o’ them strange coins’ll make its way into yer pocket, givin’ ya access to the big shindig at month’s end. And if ya already have one, another surely couln’t hurt! So go find a rapscallion with whom ya’ve a bone to pick, and give him the black spot.

The April competition plans have been released on the forum!

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