The Gambling House

The Gambling House

The rumormongers are always goin’ on about shady deals, conspiracies, and damaging gossip. They seem to know more about yer mother’s activities than you do! And that’s not the kind of thing any son or daughter wants to hear about. But lately their lips’re flappin’ about something else. Something that has to do with the legendary pirate, Old Ironbeard (related to the current Iron Beard? Ye’ll have to ask him yerself)…

Word is that someone might o’ found a way to get to his stash. And there are some mighty fine items in there! World-changin’, if ya know what I mean? The kind ya don’t wanna be lettin’ other cutthroats get their hands on! His ship alone, Deens Brand, would be worth more’n its weight in gold!

All ya know is that something big is going down at Hammerhead’s Gambling House ‘fore the month’s end, and yer gonna need a pass to get in for the special event. Lucky fer you, the gambling house is giving them away as a reward to their big spenders. So buy some chips and get in the game! (…and by chips, I mean fish ‘n chips, don’t cha know?)

Competition is sure to be happenin’ this Friday, so bring yer dice!!
Also watch for updates and details in the Gambling House forum post here: The Gambling House Competition

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