The Shrunken Skull

The new moon is on the horizon. Hammerhead’s place is sure to be packed, but only the best’ll gain the prize he offers: the skull of Black Jack himself! Legend goes he was the first to turn against Old Ironbeard, actin’ out the beginning of the curse pronounced by the Chilote warlock, Tinieblas. But the cap’n was savvy, and fell not to the wiles of his treacherous first mate. Though he’d a mind to send ‘im direct to Davy Jones locker, Laurelia Cariño, Old Ironbeard’s lover, reminded the cap’n he’d an old debt to settle, and Black Jack would fit the bill. The cap’n acquiesced, and Black Jack was given as a gift to a band of Incans who’d survived the Spanish conquest.

Now, the retired pirate captain, Hammerhead, says he has Black Jack’s skull.  He says that accordin’ to his source, the Incans traded the gambler to a shaman o’ the Shuar tribe, who shrunk the traitor’s skull and used it to bolster his dark power.  Not only that, Hammerhead claims he has compasses that’ll guide a feller to Old Ironbeard’s treasure trove! And as proof of his words, he is offering the victor of his competition the ol’ pirate king’s infamous ship, Deens Brand!

Get ready to pull every trick in the book, and watch yer back, ‘cause gold ain’t worth much when ya ain’t around to spend it!

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