Danger in the Deep

Ye stand on the deck o’ the ship, peerin’ over the gunwale at the wide ocean, not a speck o’ land in sight. Other vessels accompany yers, part o’ the big expedition to recover Old Ironbeard’s treasure. Pirates rarely work in tandem, but there’s a kind of agreement between the captains. A fightin’ man’s fist is more effective with many fingers, an’ ye hope to deal harshly with any outside interference that arises. Beyond that, it’s every Jack Tar fer ‘imself!

It’s been clear sailin’ for some time, but now the skies are clouding. Before long, a thick mist rolls o’er the ships. Cries of warning are heard from the lookouts, but since the water is deep, ye continue on yer way, hopin’ the helmsman can keep a steady course. Lanterns are lit and the crew goes about its business.

Then a scream is heard, followed by a splash. One o’ yer men has vanished! Ye scan about fer the cause, fearing the worst. Yer fears are confirmed as ye spot a massive tentacle coiled around the midmast of yer ship, and a second tentacle latched onto another ship. Using the vessels as leverage, the massive sea creature draws its head and body to the surface of the water, its wicked teeth gleaming in the lantern-light, bloodied by its recent kill.

“It be the Kraken, Cap’n!” hollers yer first mate. Ye know not what ill fate put this creature in yer path, but it’ll take the combined might o’ this makeshift fleet to put it down!

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