Maritime Rivalry

You wake from your snooze as someone swings you out of your hammock.  You quickly take to your feet, ready to take down the offender, but see Old Ironbeard’s son, Ignaas, standing in front of you. You’d rather leap into shark infested waters than tangle with him! All of Old Ironbeard’s followers have been leary of the lad since his recent resurrection. It was just a bit too disturbing. And the pirates, being a superstitious lot, had rapidly spread rumors of all kinds of ill fate that awaited them for changing the natural order of things. After all, shouldn’t a dead man stay dead? You get chills just looking at him.

Ignaas says, “Calm down, knave. I’d hate to have to watch all the rum in yer belly drain out of a new bodily orifice.” He points his saber meaningfully at your midriff. Then he sweeps it sideways, encompassing the remaining pirates relaxing on the shore. “I care not if yer all loaded to the gunwalls! We’ve new orders. My father is sending us to eliminate the ships of Giovanni Balastruse, his long-time rival. Balastruse has come with a letter of marque from Venice, and he intends to rob us of our hard-earned gold! Ready yerselves and the ships, and let us weigh anchor! And remember, no prey no pay!”

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