Raiding the Gravier Estate

The Bokors did their best to hide the family estate, but with the aid o’ the Mysterious Coin to thwart their spells, Old Ironbeard’s Compass fer guidance, and a lot o’ diligent searchin’ (i.e. headbashin’ and general dastardliness), ye’ve found the place!  The Gravier estate be merely a league east o’ Grand-Goâve, in a cove sheltered by rocky cliffs. The only way into the cove is through the family’s personal collection of top o’ the line vessels. Beyond that, the estate is crawlin’ with guards, and they don’t take kindly to strangers!

It be time to prove yer mettle! Ready yerself and take down all obstacles, on land and sea! The victor will emerge with the skull of Laurelia herself!

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