The Haitian Bokors

After survivin’ numerous Kraken attacks, ye thank the sea gods upon reaching the safe harbor of Grand-Goâve. The Haitian city is bustlin’ with activity, not to mention temptations of all kinds. But afore ye enjoy yer stay at the local pleasure house, ye’d best be huntin’ down Laurelia Cariño’s skull. The Gravier family, who own one o’ the skulls, is most elusive. They have bokors keepin’ ‘em hidden, it seems, an’ ye’ll have to ransack both city and wilderness in huntin’ down their whereabouts. Leave no stone unturned. Question the bandits in the hills, as well as those behind bars. And don’t be afraid to put down any wild boar that gets in yer way! Let no Imperial Guard or Jester go uninterrogated! Ye might have to cause a little trouble. And ye may also be needin’ to bust yer mates outta jail, or have’em do the same fer ye! A little teamwork ne’er hurt anyone. Now, sharin’ the pie…that’s another story!

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