The Final Skull

The old woman who goes by Grootmoeder stands afore ye, her wrinkled face twisted up like a mangled prune. She says, “I won’t just give ya the skull, ya sea-soaked rats! I’ll hand it over to none save he who can prove his worthiness through deeds, and not merely the flapping of ‘is lips! Bring me what I ask, an’ I’ll give ya the tools to rise victorious! An’ fer all ya layabout tidescum, ya can scrub me dishes fer yer meals when yer betters is threw with ya!” She cackles hysterically.

Ye wonder ‘bout the sanity of this old timer, but it seems that if ye can assist the loon in seein’ that yer the better pirate, then it might be worthwhile to play her little game. Ye’ll need to be gatherin’ Antilles Frog Eggs and Saba Gecko Blood to lay hands on them stones as’ll give ye power o’er yer rivals. An’ ye’ll find ‘em in many places, so keep yer ears open! If ye can prove yerself the meanest pirate alive, ye might just walk out with the final skull! It is rumored to have a livin’ map etched upon it…whate’er that means. But if ye can claim it, yer bound to get your share of Old Ironbeard’s loot!

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