The Seas Be Stirring…

Here are some things we completed the last few months:

  • Let players’ take control of the Kraken
  • Ran naval attack competitions with the new tiered competition system
  • Completed the Old Ironbeard Story-line; Gave away three Skulls!
  • Random Treasure Chests
  • Many New LTO Items
  • Fixed bugs
  • Gang Based Competitions, using the new tiered system
  • Many New Quests
    • Extended Eye of the Sea series
    • Started Old Ironbeard series
    • Started Finding Avalon series
  • Raised the Level Cap to 3515

Dath and I have been able to obtain some additional funding that will allow us to direct more resources at developing and improving the game! We are also in the process developing partnerships to gain addtional technology, funding and players.

With these new developments, we are expecting significant game growth this quarter (July – Sept) of 2015!

 Some of our plans for this quarter include:

  • Schedule competitions in the future, and give advanced notice, so ye can plan for them
    • NOTICE: a MAJOR GANG Competition the last 4-5 days this month!
  • Improved communications with you (email, forum, blog, social media)
  • Mobile browser improvements
  • Modernize the social aspects of the game: tavern, mail, forum
  • Mobile app
  • Improve new player game play, so they can learn the game and engage (but still keep the hard aspects to challenge experienced players)
  • Player created content (Items and Quests)
  • Storyline with ye players’ woven into the story
  • Many More Quests and Items!

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