1 Trillion Attributes and More!

1 Trillion Attributes Competition:

Who will be first to hit 1 Trillion stats? First there gets a one-of-a-kind trophy! Second overall gets a Junk Chest full of such surprises as the Stinky Fish and the Pile of pewp!


And even if yer nowhere near 1 trillion attributes, come train as hard as ye can and win some cash and prizes! The fun starts at 6 pm EST on August 9th, and won’t end until the fat lady sings! (Or a trillion stats is reached…whichever comes first!) Good luck, mateys!

The sale:

Many of you missed this sale last time, and requested we run it again, so we’re running it for this unique occasion.

For celebration of the 1 Trillion comp, all packs are on sale 2.5X (times) the amount for the original price! (For example, you can get 125 awakes for the same favor as the regular 50 awake package.)


We’re working hard on new features and plans for growth. I hope you are as excited as we are!

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