Happy Vegetarian World Day… Tomorrow

Get Some Fruit In Ya’!

Pirate Mango Salad

Make a Piratey Mango Salad Today!

Clearly pirates today could indeed be in danger of scurvy as we were long ago.  This is likely due to our amazing ability to sit in one spot, and stare into lit up emittin’ dio-doodle canvases (or computer screens) for hours on end eating popcorn, and extra meaty pizzas.  With tomorrow being World Vegetarian Day, we figure it is best to let you pirates know about a dish to help get some more vitamin C, or at least some tasty fruit into you… with a little spice added for fun.  We pirated this directly from All Recipies so don’t go thinking that Captain Andrek is a good chef yet.

Pirates Bounty Spicy Mango Salad Ingredients

  • Cut Mango

    Cut It Up, 1/2 Inch!

Get a Cutlass and a Big Wooden Spoon!

Well at least get a knife and something to mix your pirate salad with!

  1. Mix mangos, apples, and onion together in a large bowl.

    Get Stirrin'

    Get Stirrin’

  2. Combine lime juice, cilantro, balsamic vinegar, and red pepper flakes in a jar with a lid; shake well. Pour the dressing over the mango salad; toss gently to coat. Season with salt and black pepper.
  3. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate salad for 30 minutes.
  4. Fold peanuts into the salad just before serving.

Eat it Like a Captain

No weevil eating, gull strangling, privateers will be considered respected pirates ‘ere.  So leave a comment with your experience making this pirate dish, an’ we will respect ye here and in the game with some chests containing RP bundles.

New Features and Competitions!

The Pirate King New Feature

Pirate King Crown

Claim the Pirate King Title

We have a great new feature we migrated from the Arena Server to the Main server on the 25th.  The Pirate King title allows you to obtain great bonuses and share the joy with any other pirates you feel are worthy to be part of your nobility, click here to learn more about the Pirate King Feature.  As well you can place foul titles on your enemies to hinder them while you are the King.  When you take out the reining Pirate King, you just might steal their title and.  Once a Pirate King is Chosen, you will be able to find their chosen nobles by clicking their name in the upper right of any page.

Into the Ice – Main Server Event

It's Clear You Must Win!

It’s Clear You Must Win!

Get on your wet suits, long johns, and down coat trench coats and head into some frozen seas. The Major Competition, Into the Ice on Main for September will start 2:00 am EST the 28th until 2:00 am Oct. 1st, again EST
One of the prizes for the major comp at month’s end will be Glacialis.

Antarctic Conflict – Arena Event

Iced Ship

Get Started on Ice Here

Try the Major Competition early, Antarctic Conflict, with fewer competitors in the Arena Server: September 25th, 7:00 pm EST  until the 28th, 7:00 pm.

A Glacialis Token will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place in each tier for the major comps, on both the Arena and Main Servers. Further rewards will be announced later.

Get Awake on the 28th – 30th

We will be running a 2.5 for 1 sale on Awake potions for our end of month sale.

Limited Time Offers – Only 5 Days Left!!

Be sure to check out these limited offers to bring your pirate game to the next level, or at least make ’em more epic!

Red Beard’s Death Axe Somebody smuggled in Red Beard’s Death Axe! For a couple o’ quid, it can be all yours, matey

Mordred’s Mace All the questing in England has revealed a historic weapon! Used by a famous villain in the days of King Arthur, this offhander grants more than your average defense.

Lucky Talk’n Chest In celebration of Talk Like a Pirate Day, we have a new kind of chest available! It has some unusual items that you aren’t likely to find anywhere else, so grab some and see what you find!

Lucky Talk’n Chest x2 Not happy with one? Take two! And I bet these’ll be even luckier for ya!

Talk Like a Pirate Lucky Loot!


Talk Like a Pirate, Play Like a Pirate, and Loot Up Like a Pirate!

To celebrate the day Cap’n Slappy an’ Ol’ Chumbucket started on September 19th, 1996, we be givin’ away 100 chests wit’ chances to get Talk Like a Pirate Day Loot!  This will include chances at Favor, various potions ye be needin’ to keep playing long into the night and SPECAL RARE ITEMS to enhance yer Talk Like a Pirate Day experience.  The more perceptive of ye may notice even more that Master Solemus claims to have slipped in.  Leagues o’ fun packed into an itty bitty International Talk Like Pirate Day!  Captain Vane even be excited, watch below!

 Be Searchin’ Fer 100 Lucky Links!

Pirate Booty

Talk Like a Pirate Day Treasure

Check our Facebook Feeds for 50 Lucky Links, one for each server every hour at Midnight Server Time on Sept 19th, and a bonus link at the end… The real secret be that Pirate day is really 25 hours long. As well we will be Tweeting 50 Lucky Links, again one every hour, for each server.  These links are only good for 1 hour each, so get back to them every time they launch each hour!

Group Loot Challenge!

As well we will be giving out tiered prizes depending on how many likes we get on Facebook. This is for total likes to the page, and the prizes listed arrrrgh the total group prize for each player. It is broken down as follows:

1.2K Likes: 1 chest
1.4K Likes: 2 chests
1.6K Likes: 3 chests
1.8K Likes: 5 chests
2K Likes: 8 chests
2.2K Likes: 13 chests
2.4K Likes: 21 chests
2.6K Likes: 34 chests
2.8K Likes: 50 chests + 50 Gold
3K Likes: 50 chests + 390 Gold
3.2K Likes: 50 chests + 940 Gold
3.4K Likes: 50 chests + 1780
3.6K Likes: 50 chests + 3270 Gold
3.8K Likes: 50 chests + 5600 Gold
4K Likes: 50 chests + 9370 Gold
4.5K Likes: 50 chests + 15470 Gold
5K Likes: 50 chests + 25340 Gold
6k Likes – 50 Chests + 41310 Gold
7k Likes – 50 Chests +  67150 Gold
8k Likes – 50 Chests + 109460 Gold
9k Likes – 50 Chests + 176610Gold
10K Likes- 50 Chests + 286070 Gold
15K Likes- 50 Chests + 463180 Gold 20K+ Likes will need some community input on what you would like to see as prizes 😀

We’d apologize for not giving any other updates today, but Talking Like a Pirate is pretty much the most important thin’ worth promotin’ this time of year!

As Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket always say, “Spread the Word, and the word is ARRRRR!”

Into the Ice

“I want one!” pleads Bran-D as the massive ship of crystalline ice disappears in the fog ahead. “Oh, sure!” replies Inermis, sitting on a nearby cannon. “Why don’t we all go out and get ice ships? I’m sure they’ll last a long time when we get back in the tropics!”

Bran-D sticks her tongue out at him. She says, “You just don’t want me to have any fun!” Inermis says, “Fun? I think it’s plenty fun right here, sinking mysterious enemy ships and heading further into the Antarctic…yeah, that’s my idea of a good time!”

Cpt Henna smiles at Bran-D. He says, “Don’t worry. You can have that one after we defeat Taru’el. Maybe it’ll even retain its ability to not melt in warm waters.”

Groany says, “You’re assuming it doesn’t melt at all. What if it actually DOES melt, but the enchantment on it replaces the melted bits with newly frozen seawater?”

“Dude!” says 2 Bluntz, “That’s some totally metaphysical shit, there!”

Groany looks at him narrowly. “I’d take that as a compliment if you weren’t such an asshole.”

The Pope intervenes. “My children! Let us put aside these inane subjects and discuss our current dilemma. Our esteemed brother, Red Beard, has a few words.”

Red Beard steps forward. “As he flees from our ships, Taru’el leads us closer an’ closer to the Isle of Chiloé. Which is a good thing, I reckon, since amid them waters lurks the Caleuche, our final destination, accordin’ to me dear friend, Ignaas.”

Some of the pirates exchange looks. Red Beard had been acting oddly ever since he got hold of those two skulls, talking with them as if the previous occupants were truly there. The Pope didn’t seem quite so affected by his skull. But, of course, he WAS the Pope, after all.

“The problem,” continues Red Beard, “is that he may not be leading us there. He may have an alternate destination in mind.”

Capt. Chronos shouts, “Obviously! He intends to drown us in the coast of Antarctica and seal our corpses forever in the sea ice! You may recall that little speech about being ‘Master of the Frozen Deep’ and all that?”

Bubbles’s eyes go even wider than usual. “Did you come up with that all on yer own?”

Chronos hurls his silver caltrops at him and Bubbles takes cover behind a barrel.

Henna looks thoughtful. “Taru’el seems to be able to call up fog whenever he wants…unless we’ve just had a lot of bad luck lately.  If he can get us lost in the fog, we may wind up colliding with an iceberg. Or even with Glacialis itself.”

Bubbles’s head pops up from behind the barrel. “Glacialis? Is that Poseidon’s new palace?”

Henna answers, “Taru’el’s ship. I saw the name carved on its side during our encounter with that mercenary armada. Which was also probably the Ice Wizard’s doing.”

Bran-D says, “Sorceror. Get it right. Besides, what choice do we have? Turn back and miss out on the adventure of a lifetime? Not to mention all that treasure? I call dibs on Glacialis.”

Inermis says, “Chill. I got this covered. I still have Old Ironbeard’s Compass. It should help us stay on course.”

“Me too, me too!” shouts Chronos. “We will make sure we sails through the nassty, filthy mist unharmed!”

Red Beard says, “Very well. We proceed. Let us be ready for whatever may appear. And may Shallia, the goddess of safe seas, keep us from harm.”

2 Bluntz continues staring into the misty sea as the other pirates head below deck. He says, “Dude! I think I see my mom in there! Mom? Is that you?” A nearby deck hand asks, “Wha’ sat? You want summat?”

Bluntz says, “Naw. Just getting a little drop-by from my mom’s ghost, you know what I mean?” The deck hand smiles and walks away, leaving Bluntz to enjoy his private hallucination in peace.

Welcome Scouting Captains!

Communicatin’ Captains In The Crow’s Nest!

Searching for lost souls

Lost Souls AHOY!

We are announcin’ and welcom’n our new scouting captains to Rule The Seas.  Captain Andrek & Captain Volespa (named in the alphabetical initiative of course). Our initial goal is to work with our current lost souls & to get our all our pirate base re-energized and playing in larger numbers again.  Soon we will give needed treasures for yer help rescuin’ lost souls, or old players, back to the game, we might even toss them a few bones too!  That said, every Cat Fish Fry-day, some might be Tuna Fed Fry-days, we will post a company update to keep all you sea dogs ready for anything the Gods send yer way from yellow bellied tar stained swine kissers to demi dieteous Kraken bait!

We are working hard to bring an even better social experience to Rule the Seas.  Can ye say Chattin with other fake bearded sea serpents?  Sounds like a salty pig footed splash to me… then again it just might be fun!

The Mists Await!                         .

Finding Avalon Quest
Get to Finding Avalon Today!

For all you players over level 3425, ye should be knowin’ ‘bout the Finding Avalon Quest line. Get yer’self into Dodd’s Tavern at Queen Camel so ye can be figuring out how to get yerself to Avalon. And if ye haven’t met Dodd yet, then you’d best stop peddling in parrot urine and sail for King’s Lynn to talk to Arthur quickly! Get aboard and bring glory to your ship and your gang, as you set sail and get to Finding Avalon now!

Just Can’t Wait to Be King!

If yer courageous enough, will ye take the title of Pirate King? This is a new section we be addin’ to enhance your sea trainin’ experience! If ye are pirate enough to obtain this title, you get to assign 6 noble piratey titles (giving bonuses to the entitled fellow), and 5 parrot scat ones too (give yer enemies some negative modifiers)! Oh, ye can steal the title of Pirate King by killing the previous king, and either bless or curse yer fellow pirates! Ye won’t always get the title off a freshly killed king, so go at it again if ye must!  An’ so that I don’t have a bunch of yippity flibber flappers complainin’ to me, it should be mentioned that all of the noble titled pirates must be in the hospital before a pirate king may be attacked.  If ye are to try yer hand at the title first, be sure to get on the Arena server

Just Another Pirate King

You too could be king!

Wait!  Ye are not be on Arena yet!?!  That’s it, Ol’ Captain Darkbane is getting crabs this Fry-day for not walking ye across the plank to the sister server, but that is no excuse for ye cod faced seal sniffer to not be there!  Get over to http://arena.ruletheseas.com to try a fly sprinkled update before we toss it to the spiders global web.

psst…Did ye know that when ye are granted favor on the main server, that those sea gods give you that same amount of favor on the Arena server?  Why are you wasting the favor of these gods!?!  Get your monkey fartin’ arse over to the Arena today!