Talk Like a Pirate Lucky Loot!

Talk Like a Pirate, Play Like a Pirate, and Loot Up Like a Pirate!

To celebrate the day Cap’n Slappy an’ Ol’ Chumbucket started on September 19th, 1996, we be givin’ away 100 chests wit’ chances to get Talk Like a Pirate Day Loot!  This will include chances at Favor, various potions ye be needin’ to keep playing long into the night and SPECAL RARE ITEMS to enhance yer Talk Like a Pirate Day experience.  The more perceptive of ye may notice even more that Master Solemus claims to have slipped in.  Leagues o’ fun packed into an itty bitty International Talk Like Pirate Day!  Captain Vane even be excited, watch below!

 Be Searchin’ Fer 100 Lucky Links!

Pirate Booty

Talk Like a Pirate Day Treasure

Check our Facebook Feeds for 50 Lucky Links, one for each server every hour at Midnight Server Time on Sept 19th, and a bonus link at the end… The real secret be that Pirate day is really 25 hours long. As well we will be Tweeting 50 Lucky Links, again one every hour, for each server.  These links are only good for 1 hour each, so get back to them every time they launch each hour!

Group Loot Challenge!

As well we will be giving out tiered prizes depending on how many likes we get on Facebook. This is for total likes to the page, and the prizes listed arrrrgh the total group prize for each player. It is broken down as follows:

1.2K Likes: 1 chest
1.4K Likes: 2 chests
1.6K Likes: 3 chests
1.8K Likes: 5 chests
2K Likes: 8 chests
2.2K Likes: 13 chests
2.4K Likes: 21 chests
2.6K Likes: 34 chests
2.8K Likes: 50 chests + 50 Gold
3K Likes: 50 chests + 390 Gold
3.2K Likes: 50 chests + 940 Gold
3.4K Likes: 50 chests + 1780
3.6K Likes: 50 chests + 3270 Gold
3.8K Likes: 50 chests + 5600 Gold
4K Likes: 50 chests + 9370 Gold
4.5K Likes: 50 chests + 15470 Gold
5K Likes: 50 chests + 25340 Gold
6k Likes – 50 Chests + 41310 Gold
7k Likes – 50 Chests +  67150 Gold
8k Likes – 50 Chests + 109460 Gold
9k Likes – 50 Chests + 176610Gold
10K Likes- 50 Chests + 286070 Gold
15K Likes- 50 Chests + 463180 Gold 20K+ Likes will need some community input on what you would like to see as prizes 😀

We’d apologize for not giving any other updates today, but Talking Like a Pirate is pretty much the most important thin’ worth promotin’ this time of year!

As Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket always say, “Spread the Word, and the word is ARRRRR!”

2 thoughts on “Talk Like a Pirate Lucky Loot!

  1. You guys are doing a great job staying active and doing events to keep things exciting. Only suggestion I have is to make some small changes that aren’t important but I feel like wouldn’t take a lot of time to do I.e. larger buttons for slots lucky dip and the dig. As I am a phone player mostly and find it hard to do those things. Just the small changes let me know your paying attention. Thanks guys I enjoy the game

    • We do have a mobile app in the planning stages and are excited to move forward with it.

      I like your ideas about some larger buttons and will get them over to the Dev Team to see if they will work 😀

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