Welcome Scouting Captains!

Communicatin’ Captains In The Crow’s Nest!

Searching for lost souls

Lost Souls AHOY!

We are announcin’ and welcom’n our new scouting captains to Rule The Seas.  Captain Andrek & Captain Volespa (named in the alphabetical initiative of course). Our initial goal is to work with our current lost souls & to get our all our pirate base re-energized and playing in larger numbers again.  Soon we will give needed treasures for yer help rescuin’ lost souls, or old players, back to the game, we might even toss them a few bones too!  That said, every Cat Fish Fry-day, some might be Tuna Fed Fry-days, we will post a company update to keep all you sea dogs ready for anything the Gods send yer way from yellow bellied tar stained swine kissers to demi dieteous Kraken bait!

We are working hard to bring an even better social experience to Rule the Seas.  Can ye say Chattin with other fake bearded sea serpents?  Sounds like a salty pig footed splash to me… then again it just might be fun!

The Mists Await!                         .

Finding Avalon Quest
Get to Finding Avalon Today!

For all you players over level 3425, ye should be knowin’ ‘bout the Finding Avalon Quest line. Get yer’self into Dodd’s Tavern at Queen Camel so ye can be figuring out how to get yerself to Avalon. And if ye haven’t met Dodd yet, then you’d best stop peddling in parrot urine and sail for King’s Lynn to talk to Arthur quickly! Get aboard and bring glory to your ship and your gang, as you set sail and get to Finding Avalon now!

Just Can’t Wait to Be King!

If yer courageous enough, will ye take the title of Pirate King? This is a new section we be addin’ to enhance your sea trainin’ experience! If ye are pirate enough to obtain this title, you get to assign 6 noble piratey titles (giving bonuses to the entitled fellow), and 5 parrot scat ones too (give yer enemies some negative modifiers)! Oh, ye can steal the title of Pirate King by killing the previous king, and either bless or curse yer fellow pirates! Ye won’t always get the title off a freshly killed king, so go at it again if ye must!  An’ so that I don’t have a bunch of yippity flibber flappers complainin’ to me, it should be mentioned that all of the noble titled pirates must be in the hospital before a pirate king may be attacked.  If ye are to try yer hand at the title first, be sure to get on the Arena server

Just Another Pirate King

You too could be king!

Wait!  Ye are not be on Arena yet!?!  That’s it, Ol’ Captain Darkbane is getting crabs this Fry-day for not walking ye across the plank to the sister server, but that is no excuse for ye cod faced seal sniffer to not be there!  Get over to http://arena.ruletheseas.com to try a fly sprinkled update before we toss it to the spiders global web.

psst…Did ye know that when ye are granted favor on the main server, that those sea gods give you that same amount of favor on the Arena server?  Why are you wasting the favor of these gods!?!  Get your monkey fartin’ arse over to the Arena today!

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