Pirate History- Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake (English, 1540-1595)

Pirate Sir Francis Drake

Sir Francis Drake

Perhaps the most renowned and loved privateer of his era. Sir Francis Drake was born to farmers on the estate of Lord Francis Russell, the second earl of Bedford.  Being the oldest of 12 son, he may have learned the basics of piracy and winning fights in his early years.

The first ship he was given command of was, the Judith in the 1560’s. Though he and his cousin began slave trading in Africa with a small fleet during this time.  When attempting to sell slaves in New Spain, which was against Spanish Law, he and his crew were captured in1568. He and his cousin escaped, but many of his crew were killed by the Spanish.

He Certainly didn’t like Spain

This likely instilled his lifetime hatred of Spain, making them his most targeted foe. He frequently attacked the Spanish Cities in Florida. In 1572 he was given a Privateer’s Commission from the Queen of England at that time to loot and plunder any of Spain’s property.  While he was injured during his first raid on Nombre do Dios, he did recover obtaining great amounts of gold and silver, which he took back to Plymouth in 1573.  This only gained him more recognition from the Queen, when she encouraged more warfare against the Spanish Armada.

Where is his Treasure?

Do Ye' Want to Find a Treasure?

Do Ye’ Want to Find a Treasure?

There are stories of his great wealth and losing even more during battles along the North and Southern American coasts.  Many believe there are still a few sunken
Spanish ships filled with solder’s wages that fell to the sea floor somewhere around the Gulf of Mexico.  If you happen to find them, we say, “Congratulations, and we want pics or it didn’t happen!”


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