First Seas Gang Problems

Potential Gang Issues:

Ganging Up!

Ganging Up!

In Rule the Seas, players are encouraged to get their pirates into gangs quickly.  This is so they can participate in Gang competitions, and for some protection.  Though some have found that when you are in a gang that is too large, that the prizes will get watered down. Below is a response I offered a disgruntled player whom was upset that their prize didn’t seem good enough for their share of the gang’s winning, suggesting we needed to give them more after the prizes were won.   We would love to hear your opinions after you read our response.  Emphasis is to make reading easier on the blog.

Our Response was this:

It seems you were one of the lucky members of your gang.  Less than 54 items were given as a reward for this competition.  Part of being in a gang with a large number of members includes getting watered down rewards, or no reward at all.  If a Gang with 3 members won the competition, they would have been able to all have multiple rewards divided out among themselves.

What Does It Hold?

What Does It Hold?

We do not cater [competitions] to gang size, but create a specific amount of loot that will be divided up in gangs.  Think of it like a group winning a beach party, and they win a cooler filled with some prizes.  An iPhone 6, Headphones, 2 plastic drinking mugs, 3 camel-packs, and 10 candy bars.  There are 17 [18] items in the prize [including the cooler, but if you have 20 people in your group, not everyone will get an item during that competition.  As well offering out 20 iPhone 6’s [after the competition is done] just because one group decided to win due to sheer size isn’t realistic because that wasn’t the intended prize.

The group leader gets to determine who gets which prizes the iPhone, who gets the headphones, who gets a mug, who gets a camel-pack, who gets candy bars, and who is left out.  It isn’t the contest creator’s fault that a group decided to try and win with a number larger than the amount of gear being given out.  The group leader is responsible for determining who gets the items the group won.  Hence if you do not agree with what you received, you need to speak with [your group leader].  
This is one of the challenging aspects of the game where gang members need to decide if it will be more profitable for them to remain in their gang or split off and form another one.

Those Candy Bars Could Be Split!!!

Give Me A Break... wrong bar...

Give Me A Break… wrong bar…

Of course in many scenarios you can simply split some of the prizes.  In some you simply can’t. In my personal opinion, having run a few MMO guilds, a leader that members want to follow, and would be willing to serve, is one that gives away their own personal stash as items come in during competitions that are won for the whole membership of the guild when some members are left lacking. We become an online family, where there are squabbles, and laughter.  Though we work to help each other become better and really enjoy the company of our other guild mates.  Your gang leaders will likely do everything they can to help your entire gang, or mutiny is the risk they run.

Our Current Solution Ideology

Our concern is that giving out extra prizes, after a competition is over, simply is favoring players outside of the game rules, and isn’t fair to all players on the server.  Having taken over the server from other Admins, whom seem to be notorious for giving their “friends” or “favorite pirates” bonuses, we are extremely cautious to make sure we are overly fair and side on the idea of correcting potential social problems moving forward, instead of correcting lack of foresight immediately.

As well Dath has made it clear, *… By saying, “Here’s the evidence we do have, I don’t see any evidence that you’re right and I don’t see any evidence that we’re wrong” we open it up for discussion and the possibility that we are wrong (which we might be!)… It makes it so we are looking for a right solution, not demanding that we have the right one. It allows us to rapidly change if we ARE wrong and allows them to change if they are.*

Simply put, we want to keep our players dignity and respect in tact.  In fact, one of the books that have taught me the most about this is, How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnagie.  I suggest you find a copy and read it soon 😀

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