Fry-Day Nassau Jerk Chicken

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

Jamaican Jerk Chicken

When your docked up in Nassau be sure to check out the Jerk Chicken!  Its simple to make and the spice helps clear any stuffy sinuses from yer days at sea!  Not to mention, it’ll keep ya regular too.  Just follow the steps on the link provided and then submit us a picture of your Jerk Chicken for a special shiney, like a Big Chest of Gold!


5 thoughts on “Fry-Day Nassau Jerk Chicken

  1. Why doesn’t the jerk chicken in the post look like the delicious looking chicken in the recipe photo? It looks like fried chicken with blackened gravy…

    • Copyright infringement. As much as we LOVE piracy, pirating content without reuse rights might break the game permanently. So we are siding with caution until we can get relationships built up with other sites that will allow us to repost what they have 😀

    • Submit it here and/or on Facebook with an image on each post as evidence. You can get one chest for the post here and as a reply on the FB post for this article. Warlord’s orders…

      Currently we give those chests manually, if you don’t get one within 24 hours shoot Captain Andrek an In Game Mail message telling me to get back on schedule checking these posts out!

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