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So I am taking time away from my Kickstarter Research and Planning to make sure all of our wonderful players get an inside scoop on what changes we have made in the past couple of months, and the general plan moving forward.

frog-157205_1280My goal is to get each of you excited about what had changed, even more excited about what is coming up, and to give you a place to tell us why you appreciate or hate what we have done (I appreciate all kinds of criticism).

That said, I want to thank Cellbuster for reminding me that we needed to keep the “state of the company” blog posts going with all the hundreds of other tasks our team needs to update and fix during the next few months to get the communication in the game going more smoothly.

What happened in September

  • Communications Team
    • Created this month to help get the game message ready for more new players and engage better with current players
      • Andrek
        • Figuring out what really is needed to get our players and company on the same page, while figuring out a strategy for moving forward and obtaining new players.
      • Volespa,
        • Emails, emails, surveys, and emails!
      • Skahz and Vane
        • Support and How to Play better gurus… in training
    • Relayed Trivia Chest idea & got it implemented.
    • Announcing Winners of Major Competitions
    • Announced New Haiti and Finding Avalon Quests
    • Validated emails of all active players
    • Determine & utilize most important social media channels.
    • Encourage players to continue with the game as we get the hang of what is needed to build better relationships and better gameplay.
    • Plan and implement a weekly email campaign to help all players be aware of what is coming up and what is currently going on in the game.
    • Fix the broken Voting Sites
    • Develop and Launch Talk Like a Pirate Day campaign with an in game event.
  • GM/Dev IT Team
    • Worked on Item Balancing
    • Create Pirate King Comp
    • Created items and images for Talk Like a Pirate Day
    • Created Haiti Quests
    • Checked Cheater Accounts
    • Fixed Broken Gems
    • Released more Finding Avalon Quest line
    • Created the Cheat Title
    • Stabilized DB Connections Issues
    • Custom Code for Welsh Mead
    • Verify Stripe Payment Portal
    • Setup all Communication Team Accounts
    • Created Trivia Chests

What happened in October

  • Dev/IT Team
    • Item balancing
      • We heard the community loud and clear, we have focused a good deal of time on this issue and are getting this fixed as a top priority this month.
    • Recruiting Developers
      • While Dath and Darkbane are amazingly fast with their fingers, we realize we need more help to get this game up to the standards we want for everyone’s enjoyment more quickly.  So we hired on Captain Mattix and Aurelius are working hard to help get the new interface working…
    • We are updating the user interface so that we can more quickly fix broken things within the game with an easier to understand open source product…
    • Fixed BlockScript
    • Fixed Reporting Bugs, Didn’t show current date.
    • Fixed Focus Awakes Not Usable
    • Fixed dev and devblog URLs
    • Scrub DB for new devs
    • Worked on CC:DTB
    • Check Items for Zero Sell Value
    • Favor Shop UI
    • Fixed new player 700 Welcome Back Chests
    • Get another Core developer
    • Open Source RTS Game System
  • Communications Team
    • Continue Comp and Quest announcements
    • Take on General Tier Support Tickets so GM Team has more times to develop quests and Comps
    • Kickstarter R&D
    • Develop How to Play content for all players
      • How to Get to Level 1000 in a Week
      • How to Earn Gold
      • Secrets to Training
      • Character Build Strategies
      • Gear Combinations
      • How to Impress Your Gang Leader
      • Ways to Get Spice
      • Competition Strategies
      • How to Combine Items
      • Old vs New Inventory
      • Mugging Tactics
      • Battle Royale Tactics
      • Ship Yard
      • How to Gain RP
      • How to Quest
      • Professions Explained
    • Develop plan for weekly competitions
      • Learn how to launch weekly competitions
        • Work with GM Team to balance the competitions we run
        • Beg the dev team to prevent over powered competitions from our lack of experience more easily in the future
    • Create a side quest storyline regarding Commodore Skahz and Captain Vane
  • GM Team
    • Improve Halloween Quest Experience
    • Worked on Game Balance
    • Continued to work on Intro to Old Ironbeard Questchain
    • Opened Antarctica for Comp
    • Get Skahz and Vane setup & trained on Support Tickets
    • Relist Stawzor & Stalagmus in Legendary section
    • Take care of Water Walker & Bloody Hearts before Comp
    • Tested New Hospital Time Comp with Modifiers
    • Queen Camel and Finding Avalon Progress
    • Fixed: Active Emails and Accounts Reporting Issue
    • Increase Power of the Horseman’s Scythe for Halloween (Temp)
    • Reduce Power of Pirate Day Weapons

What our goals are before the end of the year

  • Now that I let it slip multiple times… How many of you would like to create your own quests and comps?  We are in the planning stages of an opening source code and an User Interface (Content Creation Tools) that would allow for players of any experience level to give other players a new experience.
  • Weekly Competitions to keep you engaged each week are planned out for the next 3 months!
  • Creating Beginner Booster Quests, thanks for this idea you guys we love implementing good player ideas!
  • Creating Mainstream Quests that don’t require specific professions to begin or complete.
  • You asked for them, and we listened, Ship “Deeds” are coming soon!
  • Sick of seeing Crimes you can’t do currently?  We are working on removing those as well!
    • This will also happen for quests at some point in the future.
  • Since the Wiki isn’t really a player edited wiki, soon you will see it as the “Tome of Secrets”
  • Overhaul the user interface in Arena then move it to the main server.
    • We will be using Joomla for an easier user experience.  This should allow us to make site wide updates much faster via the CSS and other things I really know nothing about much more quickly.  Don’t worry, just because I don’t know why it takes so long to make changes to archaic code currently, Dath and the Devs sure do & this will really help us get you guys a better player experience!
  • Fix the Facebook & G+ Login issues, I am also tired of being booted out every time I login with my FB link.
  • Don’t you ever wonder why you can’t bribe a dirty guard to let you out of Jail sooner?  I did too and so I bribed the Devs to allow guards to be bribed as well.  Now if you guys will bribe me well enough, I will get this put to the top of our lists 😉
  • So how many of you have said that the game really is hard for new players.  When I first started tinkering with the game a couple of months ago I did too.  In fact I was so frustrated I never made it out of the training docs or finished the initial training… well that and I was getting my team trained to do awesome things for our players social experience.  After much confusion, many tears, and a few pokes, we have everyone focused on Creating a New Player experience!  This will of course include:
    • City Guards
    • Player Guides emailed as you pass certain points in the game.
    • Communication Team Engagement with our players, like giving you more tavern time and working quickly to get your emails to us responded to, and at some point a player based Master/Mentor system!
  • Quest improvements!  Now that our GM isn’t focused on Support Tickets (you can thank Vane and Skahz for that) Master Solemus can focus more heavily on Quest improvements to bring game stories to you even faster!
  • The biggest update which we hope to launch before the end of the year, but NEED HUGE PLAYER SUPPORT FOR will be DEVELOPMENT FOR A MOBILE APP!!!!  Our ability to do this will depend greatly on you guys, and how much you really want it to happen.  In fact I am getting a Kickstarter Campaign put together to make sure we get this done as quickly as possible and we will need you guys to spread the word so we can hit the ground running from day one!

Happy PirateWe hope you guys are as excited about these updates and goals as we are.  I should have a weekly blog post put out every Friday (starting in November) laying out what we have accomplished during the week, and what we hope to have complete during the coming week so you guys aren’t left in the dark hoping some day things might get better, but rather keep you excited that there is some real momentum and updates coming quickly!

Please leave a comment with your thoughts here 😀


3 thoughts on “Overall Company & Game Updated

  1. I really like what i read here. As a “new” player I left for over a year and came back. The one thing that was lacking the most was clear game play directions. It looks as if that is being addressed.

    What about a sub-forum search option?

    Professions need some better instructions.

    Wiki I like this but i think it needs more details on items. where can i find it? is it crafted, bought, or dropped?

    I can appreciate making some drops a challenge but to expect someone to collect 40-50 rare lore items, that is asking for quite a bit of someones time.

    also how about something to improve drop rates. even its its temp. be it edible or equipment. be it a rabbit foot for accessory have it where it doesn’t do much for anything other than drop rate. or edible like irish car bomb or 4 leaf clover.

    • We should be getting the Sub-Forum search addressed when we update the web forum, hoping to find one that is a great plugin with Joomla, if not I have one that I (Andrek) am familiar with and will update to it. Either way there will be a big update on the forums to bring them into this century’s standards… but that is down further on our list of things to do. Possibly middle to late next year update.

      We will be overhauling Professions at some point, and there will be clear instructions with it 😀

      The original developer that we purchased this game from called this page a wiki, but it really isn’t.

      I don’t know the exact challenge you are referring to, but we recognize that there does need to be some game balance that the Game Development team now has time for since our team has taken on a large portion of their previous workload. Please submit a Support Ticket as a “Suggestion” and encourage other players to do the same if you can get them to agree it needs to change. We are very willing to listen to our player base & strongly consider their suggestions, especially if there are enough registered players telling us there is a specific issue that needs to be addressed. The squeakiest wheel in life always gets fixed first.

      I almost fell out of my chair laughing when I read threat Irish Car Bomb idea, thinking it would explode with four leaf clovers. Be awesome and submit that as an idea as well 😀

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