Thank a Techie & Your Boyfriend!

Thank a Techie Day is Today!

Young Techie Kid

Start Yer Techie Young!

Let’s face it, we all love Rule the Seas, and it has gotten better since the new admins took over.  Did you know that there is a day dedicated specifically to Techies and their service to mankind.  Of course, if you didn’t you should take the day to thank the Techies on RTS.  Shoot Captain Darkbane, Admiral Dath, and Master Solemus a huge Thank You on the in game messages 😀

We Should Mention Boyfriends Day

General Stanley

Hey, Hey, You, You…

So if you are looking for a new one, only look for pirates.  Specifically singing and dancing ones.  Someone like Major-General Stanley… Well maybe not a pirate but be sure to get your boyfriend something awesome today… favor.  I think all boyfriend need some favor, or at least remember you owe your boyfriend a favor or 500 😉

Techie Boyfriends!

Go Ahead, Thank Your Techie Boyfriend!

Go Ahead, Thank Your Techie Boyfriend!

So if you have a boyfriend that is a techie, or if you are a boyfriend who is a techie, let us know so we can give them the mad props needed to make them respected.  Let us know in the comments today so we can get them the respect they deserve on Monday… because as Techie Boyfriends, we are taking the day for ourselves and will get everyone else respected after we are done.

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