Trivia, Haiti, Pirate King Results and More!

You Wanted Trivia… We Bring You Chests!

Trivia Chest

Trivia Chests Available Now!

So I am told, players wanted trivia challenges, and some smarty pants players wanted to offer them.  Well we figure that since pirates love random things, we would offer Trivia Chests as prizes for winning those player created trivia competitions!  I know, we are very, very accommodating.  If you want to know what is in them, click here!

Go Find a New Quest in Haiti

Pirate Book

Didn’t Blogs Replace These?

Ugali, the shop keeper of Haitian Exotics, has another task for you from the crazy old man! All he needs is a mess-load of healing supplies for some…”interdimensional refugees”? Odney, who mans the Naturalist Outpost, is looking for some bat wings. Who knows why, but he has a rare book he’s willing to give you for them. I wonder who might be interested in such a book?

The Results Are In!

We wanted to thank everyone for joining in the competition for our new Feature, Nobility Titles!  Currently the following Pirates have been Kings: Lord Pent, T250, and, Groany the current King!

Also We wanted to Congratulate the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners of Into the Ice! Red Beard, Bane!, and CarsRFunXX.  We are also giving Honorable Mentions to Two (whom Admiral Dath has now decided to dub Jimmy).

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