Warlord Bane’s Generous Chest

Bane’s Brocas Helm

We figured it has been long enough that you have had to suffer with Bane and his crew running the show. We know, keeping this game afloat in the turbulent seas which is the internet has been terribly fun and rewarding for you.

The Admiral’s Serf-Stompers

Wondering how Admiral Dath might approve a change of things and finding that competitions are really looking like they will come more frequently?

How about believing that Captain Andrek really knows how to query a database, while loosing his attention and chasing SQLrs up and down the Sandy Beach of some ancient Deseret area.

Wang-Tei Tome of Solemus

Caring less about Master Solemus’ health, and hoping he again will become drunk enough to place everything on sale again, if only for more than three pitiful minutes.  Thinking talking like a pirate would level you up without posting videos for the whole community to see.

Andrek’s Anchor Shield

Joining into trivia and wishing for over powered winnings.  Getting over powered prizes from newb competitions and then having them yoinked because you knew in your heart it was just too good to be true, then not really complaining about how silly it was to post those mini event in the first place.

We could go on, but enough about how awesome we are, we are bringing you even more awesome by offering Legendary Loot when you click here on Warlord Bane’s Chest!

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