Ways to Earn Gold

We heard ye pockets were empty and yearning for some gold! We also heard you were having trouble getting gold so we decided to make it easy for you and just tell you how to get it.

Quests: It’s easy, do them, you get gold. Simple enough? Quests can offer anywhere from millions to sometimes billions in gold for completing them.
Crafting: Craft items that yield a high payout when selling them to the game and you can earn a good bit of gold really quickly just by crafting items you probably won’t need anyways. For example, at level 240 the crafting sub profession tailoring you learn the skill to make Suede Strap Boots. These need 8 strong thread to craft. Crafting and selling these back to the game gives you a value of 55,000,000 each. Do this 20 times and you have just earned 1.1 Billion gold.
Get your gang to control ports within the game. You get a large sum each hour for controlling ports and you also get rewarded during port takeovers.
Gamble Tavern: After you go to ‘Things To Do’ explore the Gamble Tavern as everything listed here is there to help gain resources.
• Any further questions could be directed towards the Tavern for player responses.

3 thoughts on “Ways to Earn Gold

  1. It’s not so much earning gold, it’s more that gold values are a joke.

    If an item is worth 400 spice, and spice is worth 20 million why is the items value only 10 million. It would be nice if values of items was more consistent.

    It’s nearly impossible for new players to make a decent wage for a new player doing quests. The rewards for low level stuff is laughable compared to what that gold can buy. It would take years just to save up enough to be competitive.

    It also doesn’t include the market, which is a bit of a joke too. Use to be players could put spice on the market and sell them within hours. Now you expect new players to not only remove spice every 20 minutes or else they risk being mugged of every last penny. But they pretty much have to do this 24/7 now since half the player base is on a different time zone.

    Sure the who buy/ mug was fun. But with so few players remaining it’s laughable. It’s nice for gangs now that new players get taxed 50% of their muggings.

    The dig is also a joke for new players. Honestly i can get like 20,000 gold from digging. That’s a bit discouraging for new players when everyone else is throwing around billions like it’s pocket change. Why in the world should returns on dig/lucky dip/slots be based on level.

    Help new players out and remove those stupid level advantages on gambling. It’s minimal at best.

    You should also include here the million ways to LOSE money. Buy/mug being one of them. Mugging pirates in ports owned by gangs pretty much making your time worthless. And Crafts…. you say they will help them gain money but lets be real crafts are expensive. It will take years before they see a return on their investment.

    If you really want crafts and quests etc. to be a source of gold MAKE THE REWARD WORTH THE COST. Does anyone know the cost of getting to 240 crafting?(you know with out cheating)

    • John we really appreciate the advice and have been working hard on considering a plan to help with the concerns you bring up here. We have added some changes to obtaining gold through daily quests that we believe should help until we have our new player experience developed and launched (our goal is to have that ready in the next 3 months and implemented by the end of the summer if everything goes well enough).

      Thank you for your honest constructive feedback here, it helped us with new player ideas that will be addressing more conciously now.

      As you may be aware, we obtained this game site from the original developer and are working hard to learn everything we can and make meaningful updates without interrupting game play. Sometimes we do great, other times we shake our heads and go back to our corners realizing we just had a learning experience. Though when we get good insight from players like this, it allows us to really look into core mechanics and economy from an experienced player standpoint.

      I apologize it took me so long to reply to this. The team was focused on finding the best solutions for the concerns you brought up and implementing them effectively. I really appreciate your patience in waiting for a reply!

      It is players such as yourself that help us fix larger issues that should be resolved before bringing in new players to enjoy the game as much as current players do.

      Best Regards,

      Captain Andrek

  2. And adding on to how insane it is for new players to enjoy this game

    I can buy a 5$ awake package. But as a new level i’ll probably get about 10,000 stats for my 5$ Which is nice until new players find out that 10,000 stats is a joke and you guys just ripped them off. Please, when thinking of things don’t think about how it effects current players. Think about how it effects new players. That is what this game is severely lacking. If you don’t at least pretend to care about getting new players into the game (to stay) then why bother

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