11/20/2015 Company Update

What’s Been Updated-

  • Added new daily quest that yields a chest full of gold called Skahz’s Coffer
  • The Weekly Comps are completely planned out through Christmas, 12/25, this year, and most of January in 2016 is planned out as well.
    Black Jack is Here!

    Black Jack is Here!

  • Master Solemus is almost finished with increasing toughest NPC’s and releasing new Max Level quests each month.
  • We have worked on game balance, and now are focused on creating new items that increase our best items, ship & mods by 10% – 20% for a type or slot.
  • We have noticed that every time we release a new LTO Chest with new items, that you guys love them.  So we decided to increase our love back to you and plan for a new chest each month.  You’re Welcome
  • We have a Tome of Secrets that has been released on the server.
  • You may have noticed some Kickstarter campaigns that some of our team has backed on our Facebook Page.  We figure we would share some of the things we are excited about, and later on we will be asking these creators to help us share our own kickstarter efforts next year.

Coming Before the End of the Year

As promised last week, we have some exciting things coming next month and I am leaking them now!

  • Solemus... Please Stop Drinking!

    Solemus… Please Stop Drinking!

    I can’t say much about big events after Turkey Day, but get ready to prison break.  Practice Thursday by breaking up wish bones. Also I hear that Solemus has already broken into our super secret kegs a week early this year I hope he doesn’t accidentally put everything on sale again.

  • Player Creation Tools will be planned and begin development, this is where players will be able to create their own quests and balanced items for other players to use.
  • Creating and implementing a New Player Experience that helps new players learn the game mechanics and give them enough knowledge and gold to be able to compete with other pirates, as well as discussing a Master/Minion program setup where experienced pirate will be able to teach new pirates how to play.
  • We will be moving to a new system to Vote for Favor.  This should help with the problems our current system seems to give some players & allow players to more easily obtain free favor.

Let us know how excited you are, or if there is something else you have wanted to see happen with the game that might be coming out in December.


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