BlackBeard’s Secrets to Pirate Training Intro

BlackBeard’s Secrets to Pirate Training

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Trying to Get Blackbeard’s Secrets?

Let’s be Frank for a moment, training can be difficult and confusing.  Do not fret, there is help to this conundrum!  Training can be broken down into a few basic steps.  Following these steps will not ensure you the perfectly trained Character, but I can promise that they will help.  The following steps will help you to become the Pirate you always dreamed of being; whether you want to follow the pure route and defend other helpless Pirates, or become the most ruthless, blood-thirsty Killing Machine.  So hold on to your boot straps and follow these simple steps to Training.

When training your character, there are four key attributes to focus on: Strength, Defense, Speed, and Seamanship.  Each attribute goes hand-in-hand with the other in terms of developing your character.  

For example: Strength affects your character’s ability to attack other players, but if you only have a high strength statistic without an equal or higher Defense statistic; then you can attack all you want but when the other character attacks back you won’t be able to defend yourself.  

The most important attribute to focus on at first is Speed, which determines which player strikes first.  If you have a speed that is higher than the character you wish to attack, then you attack first.  Sometimes with a high enough Strength stat, coupled with a high Speed (that is higher than who you are attacking), you may be able to attack first and defeat the other character in the first round of attacks before they can retaliate.  

Inversely, if you have a higher Strength stat. coupled with a higher Defense statistic, then when you enter a battle they can attack first but you will be able to defend yourself and follow with a potentially defeating blow.

Dissenting Opinion by CarsRFun:

Heres the secret guys.. all you need to train is Speed and Seamanship.. do that and you will be beast!!!

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