BlackBeard’s Secrets to Pirate Training Step 1

Training to Be a Pirate – Step 1

Spd, Str, Def RubySo as a new player, it is important to focus on boosting your Strength, Defense, and Speed in your beginning training, though not in that exact order, explained below.  I say this because until you can save some gold and buy a ship that has any attacking capabilities, it is to your best advantage to start focused on simple hand to hand combat with other players or NPC’s.  Since all three stat’s go hand-in-hand, it is best to train those first.  Keep that in mind it is recommended that your Speed and Defense stats should remain higher than your Strength, but not too much higher.  My general rule of thumb is to keep Speed at the highest of the 3 stats, followed closely with your Defense, and finishing with your Strength.  When creating a new character, the Energy Level you start with is insufficient to exhaust the entire energy into on category, so in the beginning, try breaking the total energy level into three numbers.  For Strength, Defense, and Speed, I would recommend training the following amounts respectively:

  • Str: 3
  • Def: 3
  • Spd: 4

Now that we have taught you the basics of training, click here to learn more about building your pirate!




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