BlackBeard’s Secrets to Pirate Training Step 2

Training to Be a Pirate – Step 2

Energy Potion

Energy Potions… Someone should make a Monster version!

As you are training you will discover that your energy and awake levels deplete quickly.  One easy fix is to “Vote for Rewards” each day and receive the bonus Energy and Nerve Potions.  Also, if you get your respected status for each vote you will receive 3 of each potion as opposed to the one you would normally get as an unrespected pirate.  To learn more about Respect status click here, and discover the benefits received in that post, but suffice it to say that the sooner you get your respected status the better.  The other potions you will need to boost train are awake potions.  There are several different types of Awake Potions that fill your Awake meter to different degrees, but the main potions are Focused Awake Potions (which are not transferable), Awake Potions, and Half Awake Potions.  These potions can be acquired through completing Quests, opening Treasure Chests, joining Gangs that actively compete in in-game Competitions, purchasing potions through the Grand Spice Trading Store (the first of which is in Port Royal), playing in Competitions that offer Awakes as reward, and finding/asking other kind higher leveled players for donations.

Move Yer House Ye Dogs!

WRONG!  Move To A NEW House Ye Dogs!

Once you have accumulated Energy Potions and Awake Potions, you can begin to Boost Train.  Boost Training is where you train your full amount of energy in one particular stat, and then click the image of the Energy Potion to refill your energy.  As you train at a lower level, it will take longer to deplete your Awake bar (located in the top right portion of the screen, but once that is depleted entirely; simply click the image next to the particular Awake Potion you want to use and continue boosting.  Keep in mind, however, that the lower your Awake status drops the less you will increase the training stat you are focusing on.  In the beginning of your training, I recommend training 5 times in your Speed stat, 4 times in your Defense stat, and 3 times in your Strength stat (sometime 4 times in Strength if you have enough Awake to accomplish this).  If you want to increase your Awake levels, simply save your gold and move to a new house under the “Move House” link in the “Things to Do” Category on the left hand column.


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