Company Update 11/13/2015

Apologies First

I'm SorrySo rumor has it that I have missed two updates, I could give excuses or…. I could just give some good news and hope that it makes up for your missed experience last week.  Also I want to thank all of our long time players for their patience as we get these New User guides put up.  This helps new players learn to play the game faster and decide to stick around.  We have released some new player posts: Ways to Earn SpiceThe Shipyard, Respected Pirate Status, & How to Impress Your Gang Leader.

Weekly Comps Launched & Specific Tasks

We finally have weekly comps implemented, and having hit a few rough spots regarding too many cooks in the kitchen, thinking the barnacles of the poop deck was great for you we have changed up a few things in the company to help us all become experts in each area of the company, this is needed especially as we grow… and to prevent myself, Captain Andrek, from giving away the farm again with events.

Captain Vane will be taking care of half of the weekly competitions every month, and will be focused on learning the games rules and becoming familiar with all the items in the game, this will help us be able to keep the balanced even better, which has been a major focus over the past month.  These concerns were taken directly from our players, and we are working hard to make everything great for you 😀

Pirate Ship & Competitions!

Weekly Comps are Here!

Lieutenant Skahz will be focused directly on Support Tickets so that they can be handled in a timely manner and will become the expert at Level 1 support, where 80%+ of the support concerns are resolved.  As well he will be taking care of one competition per month with the Skahz vs Vane side story line.

Captain Volespa has been hard at work creating optional surveys to help us learn more about what our players want and need to make this game an even better playground for you.

Captain Andrek is still keeping the communications team on track and has been researching the most successful and participated in competitions, and why players loved them, as well as getting blog content conforming to the standards that are needed. In all he is still just a boring captain….


Where is Dath’s Name?

Admiral Dath has made it very clear that he doesn’t want his name tied on anything else, his infamy is apparently getting him too big an ego.  So if you will stroke his ego by showing us a picture of your pet’s registration, a holiday decoration, or simply your child’s birth certificate with his name on it, we will give you a ‘Lucky Talkin’ Chest’… which doesn’t have his name on it.

Warlord Darkbane … well he has decided that he will keep our lights on and allow us to keep playing in his seas, in fact he is overseeing all of our efforts and letting us know when we have gone too far… I have already walked the plank twice this week & after he reads this I am certain it will be 4.

Both Dath and Darkbane are whipping some new Jr Devs into shape, and making sure they know what they need to in order to help create a little more order in the chaos that comes with ri

Master Solemus is now able to be more focused on game design and the story.  He actually got the New Chile Quest released this week!

New Quest Release-

Added to the Old Ironbeard Chain: ‘Ware the Water: Sinister mermaids on the Chilean coast have been dragging people beneath the waves! Chief Huapi needs your help to net ‘em and kill ‘em!  Machi Nesa, the local shaman, has found a way for you to recover some of Old Ironbeard’s lost treasure! But you’ll need to gather spear fragments from the deadly Wild Natives and get her to form the Tacuara Spear. With it, you may be able to get into a secret sea cliff cave and unlock an artifact once owned by Black Jack.  This includes a new port: Chile

New Server for Admin’s to Break

A New Server for Breaking!So we have a new server that currently is used to try really new, might really break things badly types of ideas.  Once we think it will work correctly, we will launch these ideas on Arena, then to Main.  This does include the new chat program and user interface we have been working on for.  Soon we will open it up for players to try creating new items and quests on as well!

Don’t tell anyone I told you this… We are testing
Ship Deeds.  Don’t ask me what that is, because I shouldn’t even tell you we are testing it.  Also if you check out our post next week, I will have been able to sneak into Darkbane’s office, get ahold of his plans and leak some of them to you 😀

7 thoughts on “Company Update 11/13/2015

  1. I like your effort. I think the competitions are flawed. Some players have obviously found a way around the rules. Some players are logging 50,000 events in a very short time frame. It is certainly possible to log the events but not in as short a time frame as I have witnessed Bubbles do. I also think the prizes are paltry. The amount of prize for the effort involved is just not worth the effort.

    • I always appreciate detailed responses with some constructive criticism. I have made Master Solemus aware of the suggestions so he can review them.

      Keep letting me know how we can improve 😀

      • What constructive criticism… it’s a straight up observation… People admit to cheating(macroing) WITH ADMIN in the tavern and nothing is done …..

        Also, if you refer to the thread on RTS about his… players have asked, and been ignored, how to post pictures here…

        Just sayin

        • I read that the Comps were flawed & prizes are paltry. I see this a constructive criticism, and information we can use to improve.

          Images can be posted by using [img] tags, you can find some info here:

          Please let me know about what date & time people admit to cheating, I can go back and check logs. Though often when we look at the data logs for actual cheating, we almost always find that players didn’t really cheat, but they often just claim to cheat so they get a psychological advantage over other players (ie get under you skin).

          I will bring this concern with Dath to see what we can do to prevent even more cheating. From what I can tell, it has improved greatly since they started working on finding loopholes and cheats.

  2. I don’t think bubbles cheats, I got called a cheater and I just hit the damn laptop clicker button as fast as I can for as long as I can. Thought that was what we are supposed to do. I doubt there is really people cheating for these comps, seems rather unlikely to me.

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