Company Update 11/27/2015

Company Update

Happy Bloated Day to all of our United States Fans!  To the rest of the players around the globe, take advantage of the gluttony that the Americans took part in yesterday, and count on their reactions being slow today.

What We Did This Week

Here are some company updates that you should probably be made aware of, the updates that happened this week:

  • Set up the next Major Competition, Turning the Tables
  • New Titanium Trunk!

    Great Black Friday Sale has been set up with EVERY THING at least 50% off or BOGO!  Many of them being 2.5x sales as well.  We also have a new Titanium Trunk that is worth over 100,000 favor that is going for 90% OFF TODAY ONLY!

  • We have set up a Facebook Competition where you can win up to $300 in loot! Comment and/or give an image of your Jolly Roger & encourage everyone you know to like your comment or pic for better chances to win!
  • Fire Crafting now works in the new inventory!  Now you can use that Concocting Professions correctly with the new inventory… Dath says, “Yer Welcome!”
  • We now have a daily quest to get gold drops via Skahz’ Coffer,
    • Quest number 512, or Critters for Cash is the daily quest that you can always get Skahz’ Coffer.
  • We also have a repeatable quest to get more of those Skahz’ Coffers by using the item Jersey Cow Milk which can be purchased in the Favor Shop.
    • Quest number 513 or Creamy Pottage requires the milk to repeatedly get those coffers multiple times per day!

Coming Up Next Week!

I Want Respect!

I Want FREEBIES!!!!!!!!

Now that I have told you about that, I should mention that we are planning another link event like our Talk Like a Pirate Day event where you will get multiple prizes for clicking links every hour!  We know you all wanted them to last longer, so I pulled a few strings and got them expire sometime after 24 hours.  I wasn’t told when they will exactly, but that should give everyone at least a full day to get all 50 freebie links that will tie in with the Prohibition comp that Commodore Skahz is running next weekend!



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