How to Impress Your Gang Leader

Okay, so what if you’re a complete n00b here?
What if you just started playing, got the basics, and want to join a gang. Getting into a gang would be easy right? Getting in as a new player wouldn’t be the hard part, but what if you have aspirations to be a gnarly pirate captain and move up the ranks in my gang?

Even Popes Need You to Level Up!

Even Popes Need You to Level Up!

First I guess I should explain a little bit about gangs. ‘Gangs’ are groups within the game that band together to help others who hold the same title of the gang. No this isn’t your everyday blood VS crypts battle for the streets but you could look at it that way since many people are ruthless and conniving, or you could simply see it as the Hatfields & McCoys where they are all close knit family that love to feud. But here’s the important question you and so many before you have wondered.
How would I impress my gang leader so they promote me within their ranks? Well if you’re still reading this I’m assuming you wondered that anyways. I guess I’ll take a break from my rum songs to fill you guys in on a bit of useful information on how you can do just that.

Gangs have gang wars/competitions: Help them win wars/competitions and you’re sure to get noticed by your leader. They’ll probably like you just for being active. However, help them beat out their rivals in the gang competitions and they’ll love you.
Integrity: As backwards as this sounds for a pirate game, leaders look for honest players to help them grow their gangs. They want someone who’s willing to take on a new player and help them along their way.
Time: As with anything in this world you have to put in the time to get where you want to be. Proving your loyalty to the gang leader by putting in your time with them is probably the most surefire way to gain their loyalty down the road.
Recruit new members: If you join a gang and quickly establish yourself as someone who’s going to help it grow, you’ll be sitting in the right pocket of your leader’s blazer before you know it.
Help Level the gang up: When you gain XP your gang gains XP. It would be mighty impressive to say you were the one responsible for leveling your gang up X levels.
Voting system: Several gangs have some sort of internal voting system that is setup by the leader. For example after you’ve served your time in the gang you could become a leader within the ranks by being voted as such by 3 or more other members. This isn’t really something you can do to impress your leader but it’s nice to know that some gangs have their own form of democracy.
Communication, Communication, Communication. Do I need to say it again?

Communicate Ye' Dogs!

Communicate Ye’ Dogs!

Communication. It is fundamentally one of the most important things for ANY team doing ANYTHING. The same goes for gangs. Keeping in contact with your leader and other members to see what the gang is doing at any given moment ensures your role within the gang is more than just taking up space.
Ultimately there are a million ways to impress your gang leader depending on who they are but covering these basics should help you along the way. Happy Sailing.

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