Respected Pirate Status

What is Respected Status?

Well if ye want the best that Rule the Seas have to offer, you need to have a respected status to get it.  It sets you apart from lowly dogs that just piddle in minor crimes, gambling on the weekends and the real rulers of the sea who are committed to questing through all the isles we can throw you into, along with training bonuses that help you level up quickly.

Get the Respect Ye Deserve

I Want Respect!

I Want Respect!

Ye’ new pirates were wondering how to get the respected pirate status eh? Upon logging in after creating your account you were gifted with 5 days of the Respected Pirate status when you created the account. You fiddled around learning the game and your 5 days went by before you blinked. If you were anything like me you spent too much time trying to figure out how to play the game, found the tavern, forgot what you were doing and bam no more respected status.

Who Needs the Blasted Thing

So, now you’re thinking “Eh, who needs respected status anyways?” Yeah I thought the same thing, turns out it’s actually pretty important when doing certain quests. A LOT of quests, HUNDREDS of them to be more specific, require respected status. Having the respected status puts you in a different tier of pirates and rightfully so. Gaining full access to the game (like any game) is not a right, it’s a privilege that you earn by doing certain things within the game. Did you want a list of what the status actually provides? Fine, here it is.

  • 25% Training Boost
  • Travel time between ports reduced by 30 seconds
  • Energy, nerve, and awake regenerate twice as fast
  • Steal 10% more Gold while mugging
  • Access over 200 additional RP only quests
  • 3x the potion rewards for voting!
  • 10% Bonus to ALL experience for yourself and your gang
  • Access an additional profession
  • And finally, a bright and shiny User Name.

So how do you get back the respected status? 

For the Free Loading Scallywags

Get some spice as found in our How to Earn Spice directions.

Do it Faster with Some with Favor

You could always buy some with Favor.  You know what I am talking about don’t you?  The same favor used to buy many things from the Favor Shop to expedite your gameplay expectations.  Click here to get some Spice now, then go to one of the spice shops above and buy your respected status quickly.

Three Spice Shops

90 day RP

After sailing around a bit you’ll find 3 specific ports. Port Royal, East India, and Bombay are three ports which after navigating to the spice shop sell packs to restore respected pirate status. 500 spice/ 30 days, 1000 spice/ 60 days, 1500 spice/ 90 days. Visit those ports just mentioned and use your spice to refill the status is the easiest free loading way to fulfill your needs.

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