Turning The Tables Competition Overview

Ahoy ye Pirates and Pirate-esses!  The time for our monthly Major Competition is upon us, and the “Turning the Tables” Competition will be epic!  Continuing our story, Taru’el and Ash’erah have run to an elite, high-stakes casino in the Antarctic from all of us pirates; hoping to shroud themselves in the safety of the icy frost desert. Show these sneaky, cowering scoundrels that no matter where they go, no matter where they hide in the world, they will never be safe from you and the rest of the pirates ruling the seas!  Competing pirates will receive points for committing dastardly crimes, serving hard time in prison, and most importantly breaking each other out of those impenetrable prisons.  Do not let these scalawags escape your grip this time; we have the cornered at the end of the Earth and they will be in our grasps soon!

--Clothing of Taru'el and Ash'erah has the ability to Freeze

–Clothing of Taru’el and Ash’erah has the ability to Freeze

The stakes may sound high, but with high stakes comes great reward!  Rewards like our new Platinum Treasure Chest CCrystalline Cloaks, Crystal Cascade Dresses, Reefing Booms, Henna’s Mystery Chests, and gold a plenty will be adorned to the Overall Competition Winners, as well as, Leaderboard Winners; with equally astounding Participation Prizes too!  If you are interested in seeing just what prizes you can win, click the link below, and scroll down the page the area with a blue background titled “Turning the Tables,” and check out the vast rewards and prizes that you can win.

Competitions Leaderboard

So tighten your boot straps, sharpen you weapons, and ready your ship for the journey to Antarctica.  It will be a cold and arduous journey, but we must take advantage of having Taru’el and Ash’erah cornered, and take them for everything they have!  See you on the seas you ruthless blood thirsty pirates!

3 thoughts on “Turning The Tables Competition Overview

  1. How the hell do you do 125,000,000 crimes within the first hour of the comp starting?
    Something stinks more than usual.
    I have been working on this comp. for 3 hours and still not hit all the participation prizes never mind a points score in the billions.

    • Sorry the last post was incorrect. It was not 125,000,000 crimes done. But still? how do you score 6,000,000,000 points in a comp in the first two hours?

      • I completely understand how that is frustrating. It is actually a player doing the highest crime ends up getting 6 Million points.

        So if a player is doing the highest crime, they will get 12,000,000 points every 3-4 seconds.

        So 1000 crimes in 2 hours is pretty easy. At 6 million per crime, that would get you 6 Billion points in 2 hours.

        The key is to build up your player so that you can commit those crimes without fail and claim the high point prize quickly. It takes some time and dedication, but you can certainly get there as well 😀

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