Turning the Tables


Crystal Cascade Dress worn by Ash’erah

After a short time at the tables and slots, where he learned very little, the Pope calls it a day and decides it’s time for lunch. As he heads toward the dining room, he sees servants in pale blue dashing to and from the gym. He peaks inside, and notices several pirates training. One of them is Bubbles, and he has servants standing nearby while he runs in place holding hand weights. Bubbles says to one of them, “Tell the guy I have at the poker game to bluff for everything he’s worth. But if he falls below 500 chips, or over 10,000, call it a game. And you, take that money you won for me and put it into that slot machine in the far corner that’s been empty all day. I’m sure it has a payout waiting.”

The Pope raises an eyebrow. “Dealing with the devil’s fire whilst fortifying thy flesh? How enterprising of thee.”

Bubbles says, “Yeah, well, me mum always said I could do whatever I set my mind to! So, today, that’s everything!”

The Pope smiles. “I prepare to consume a few morsels. Shall I carry thee something hither? A sandwich, perhaps?”

Bubbles shakes his head. “Nah. I think me power bars’ll carry me through the day!”

The Pope continues on his way to the dining hall, joining lightchest’s table. Lightchest says, “The customers here are all high-rollers and power brokers. This place seems to be their secret playground.”

Mayhem says, “Yar! An’ the feller ‘at owns the place don’t seem too willin’ to nark on none of ‘em.”

J-Roc adds, “Yeah, man, that what I be gettin’, too! These fooz are goin’ down!”

“One moment!” snarls Red Beard. “Before we charge into action, we ought to consider the ramifications.”

“Rami-what?” asks DaSaNDMaN. “I ain’t doin’ that to no ram!”

Cpt Henna clarifies, “No, not ram-fornication, you bilge-brain! He means the consequences.”

DaSaNDMaN says, “There be a whole ship full o’ whoop-ass consequences fer anyone tries an’ mate me with a ram!”


Taru’el’s Crystalline Cloak

Slick rolls his eyes, and says, “Anyway…I talked with one of the men in the gym earlier who appeared to be a fighter. He wouldn’t admit it, but I figured he was a mercenary. So I slipped up to the next floor earlier, past some guards. There’s an entire floor set up for trained warriors. Probably some of them are gambling…or pretending to be.”

Groany suggests, “Well, then, how ‘bout if we don’t start bustin’ heads just yet. Let’s cause a little trouble and see what happens.”

Bluntz says, “Dude! That sounds pretty sweet. One o’ you cause a disturbance, and I’ll sneak up to the private rooms. Start raidin’ ‘em!”

Shy Glizzly gets an impish smile. He says, “I come with. Maybe we get lucky and find a woman bathing, eh?”

Bubbles enters, sweating profusely, and says, “That how you get all yer babes? Takin’ ‘em by surprise?”

Shy Glizzly’s face darkens and he stands up. “Least I not BE a woman!” he shouts.

Lightchest says, “Whoa. Why don’t we take our energy out there. I think we’re all agreed that it’s time to cause a little trouble.”

“Indeed,” agrees Red Beard. “Once we have their fighting force running to-and-fro, we will be able to search every nook and cranny without so much direct confrontation. The first one to locate the unhappy couple, send word to the rest and don’t let them leave. It’s time we have words with these ice-wielders…on our terms.”

Bluntz says, “Someone should totally keep watch on the entrance…make sure the duo doesn’t escape while we’re having fun causin’ a ruckus and tryin’ to find ‘em.”

Slick and J-Roc step forward. Slick says, “Got it covered. Ain’t no one getting’ past us!”

“Yeah, man!” says J-Roc. “We got this.”

--Clothing of Taru'el and Ash'erah has the ability to Freeze

Clothing of Taru’el and Ash’erah has the ability to Freeze weapons (10% Block)

“I dunno guys…” says Bubbles. “I’ve made a lot of money off of the people at this casino. Even won myself a nice painting. Not sure I wanna go pissin’ ‘em off now.”

Mayhem replies, “What, because…something’s not right? Is something…fuzzy?”

Bubbles retorts, “Shut up an’ eat yer damn meatball sandwich!”


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