Ways to Earn Spice

There are a few ways to earn spice, some involve more effort than others but hey nothing worth having is going to be easy to get, right? Spice is one of the more valuable in game resources so the quantities earned are often much lower than what you would see when earning gold.

Big Bag of Spice!

Big Bag of Spice!

  • Buy Spice: Go ahead and click here to buy some in the Favor Shop.  This is the fastest way to get some.
  • Quests: As with gold when you do quests you are rewarded with spice. I mean it does pay off to play through the storyline ya’ know?
  • Use a profession to craft items that are coveted by active players and trade those items for spice. Make use of the player base as an open market for your needs.
  • Refer players: As stated in the game referring a player gives you 500 spice once they’re a validated player then you get 10 spice every day they are a respected pirate. So if you refer enough players who become respected pirates you’ll create a daily income of spice you can then use in the player market for other goods.
  • After navigating through the ‘Things to do’ page and going to the gamble tavern you can find the 50/50 spice. This is a section where players can wager bets against each other. Depending on the value wagered you can get a little or an enormous amount of spice in a matter of seconds. Be warned however, it is gambling so you could win or lose a great fortune here.
  • Pirates ARE Lucky, so Get a Chest!  So when you want to just try your luck you could always try to get a chest to drop one of the packs, go ahead click here to buy one and try it, we dare ya!.

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