A Time to Slay, and a Time to Get Away Arena Competition Dec. 21st – 24th

It is time for the monthly Major Competition on the Arena Server!  The competition is scheduled to begin December 21st at 11 p.m. EST and last until the 24th at 11 p.m. EST.  

Taru’el and Ash’erah have slipped through your clutches for the last time! You find them back aboard ship, trying to escape. It’s time to bring everything you have to bear against them and wipe them out! But you see that your crimes at the Antarctic Casino have not gone unnoticed. After ridding the world of the ice wielders, you’ll have to high-tail it out of there, fending off your pursuers, until you can reach safe harbor.

Points will be given for your Training in Strength, Defense, Speed, and Seamanshipas well as Naval Attacks against your enemies. Your Naval Attacks will be increased in value based on the number of modifiers held, each with it’s own chance of boosting your score: Saba Gecko Blood and Antilles Frog Eggs have a 75% Chance of adding to your sink scores, and Bloody Hearts have a 90% Chance.

NOTICESaba Gecko Blood, Antilles Frog Eggs, and Bloody Hearts in players’ inventories will be cleared immediately before this competition.

A Time to Slay, and a Time to Get Away Competition will be challenging, but the rewards will be great!  The Overall Leaderboard Prize will be a Platinum Treasure Chest C and the new Shiny Teton Deed.  Leaderboard Prizes for First Place will include Gold Treasure Chest AGold Treasure Chest BHenna’s Mystery ChestHibonite, and the Newly Created Casino Skirt and Frozen Foremast!  The Second and Third Place Leaderboard Prizes can be found in the link below, and the Participation Prizes will be doubled for each point increment (For Example: The Participation Prize awarded at 1,000 points will be Treasure Chest: P1 AND Treasure Chest: P2 and so forth and so on).  Tighten your Foremast Jibs and batten down the hatches! See ye’ on the Seas!

Competitions Leaderboard

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