Company Bloodsports Competition – Main Server

Company Bloodsports

Ahoy ye’ dastardly Pirates!  As requested, it is time for some good ole’ fashioned Gang Competitions, and we need you to help your Gang Mates!  Starting December 17th at 5 p.m. EST in Main and lasting until 5 p.m. on the 19th, will be the Company Bloodsports Competiton.”  Much like past Gang Competitions,  Rewards will go into the gang vault, and be divvied up at the discretion of the gang leader. Also, you are not able to join a gang during a gang competition. So if you leave your gang (or are kicked), you will have to wait until this competition ends to join again. You are also unable to create or delete a gang during a gang competition.

 While Taru’el and Ash’erah are in hiding, join ranks with your Gang Members, and slaughter all those who have defied you!  Train yourselves, and destroy your enemies without hesitation, for you are ruthless, bloodthirsty pirates, loyal only to your Gang.  Let the ports run with the blood of those who have opposed your gang in the past, and prove that your gang is THE ONLY TRUE GANG!

Points will be accrued through training in all categories as well as killing other pirates that have betrayed your gang.  The stakes will be high, but the prizes immense!  A plethora of Bronze Treasure Chest A‘s, Bronze Treasure Chest B‘s, Silver Treasure Chest A‘s, Silver Treasure Chest B‘s, Gold Treasure Chest A‘s, Gold Treasure Chest B‘s, Henna’s Mystery Chests, and our NEW Hamper of Drugs will be issued as Leaderboard Awards, and Participation Prizes of Treasure Chest: P1Treasure Chest: P2Treasure Chest: P3Treasure Chest: P4Treasure Chest: P5 times 30.  The Overall Leaderboard Prize will be our newest Titanium Trunk!

For more information click the link below to see exactly how the prizes will be distributed.

Competitions Leaderboard

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