Company Update 12-6-2015

Company Update

Ahoy Pirates!  We have been working hard this week to keep the game fresh and continuing what you want!  Many of you have told us that you enjoyed the increase in competitions, but that doing one every weekend was just too much.  We have listened and  we will now have only 3 comps spread throughout the month.  In a couple of months we will send out a survey to see if you guys like only 3, or if you really want to go back to a weekly comp.

Draco Island

Draco Island


The final quests are being completed to enable access to Draco Island, so keep your eyes out for all types of werewolves.  Half-wolves, Loup-garou, and Darkwolves will be gathering in packs.  This can be accessed through the Queen Camel quests (in the Finding Avalon) quest chain.  Also as of 12/5 you have access to your choice of a Black Jack Item through the Old Ironbeard quest chain in Chile.

Have you noticed that we have a Booze Box? Two more drinks are available, Sex on the Beach (giving you +165 Def), and Hurricane (giving you +165 Spd). Go forth and quench your thirst!

And we know you can’t enjoy Booze without viewing some new Painting Trophies, which include Starry Night, The Lady of Shallot, & The Creation of Adam… just to name a few.

Besides launching the Titanium Trunk and Platinum Chest C for Black Friday, we also have a Jewel-Encrusted Chest with a new Limited Time Offer Hibonite Gem. Which also has encouraged us to make sure we resolved the current equipment balance (you know the Strength vs Defense thing).

There was an issue with the Prison Time in our Major comp before launch, you can all thank Dath for getting that fixed quickly.  Send him your first born barnacles to: Admiral Dath in the Everlasting Hills by the Salty Pond, having just moved here he would appreciate those critters to brighten up his place.

Drug Enhancing Spiky Troll Armor

Drug Enhancing Spiky Troll Armor

The next Legendary LTO will be the Troll Battle Armor, which you might want to get before the next pre-major comp, below are the times:
* Arena- 2p EST 12/8-12/10
* Main- 10p ESP 12/10-12/12
Players will receive points for Training ALL Attributes, but twice as many for seamanship. Also you will get points for sinking, which will be magnified by your accrual of Saba Gecko Blood, Antilles Frog Eggs, and Bloody Hearts.  Each item held has a probability of applying to the naval attack score: 90% for Bloody Heart, 75% for the others.  The story is that players are trying to kill Taru’el and Ash’erah and escape from Antarctica while being hunted by enemy ships.

We decided that since it is a holiday season, you should be able to sit on Master Solem-claus’ lap and ask for what you want.  So look for the message today pointing you towards the forum post about what you want to see on sale and what price you think is fair.  We have already had a request for the Frost wand, and it will be in the sack of goodies.

Fire Crafting now works in the new inventory, we are hoping to make the old inventory obsolete soon.  If you didn’t already hear this, we also have created a daily quest to earn gold… yes this is important enough to tell you twice!

Maybe it was frustrating to create an epic PNG file with incredible detail at a Full 4K resolution, only to see we restricted the size limits you could use on it.  Well now that will automatically resize to the restricted limits, if you don’t know about pixilation be sure to read up on it to prevent wailing and gnashing of teeth/keyboards when it resizes more than you would like.



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