Company Update 12/11/2015

This week we asked what you wanted, and have begun to compile the list of sale items we are bringing back for you. Reviewing your requests I must have mistakenly been thinking about what Rapp asked for, since I ended up sending a link to our entire company via company chat regarding a project I thought we might utilize for cross marketing after glancing at the cover (looked like a pirate comic book).  I was asked to step away from my desk for a few minutes immediately after posting that link and when I got back it was made clear that I should fully read these types of things before sending them company wide… While the whole team received extra ocular treasure this holiday season I am certain to get a lump of coal, and my wife must never find out why.

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

Dath’s guys have been focused on getting the new email verification system to work correctly, as well we have been testing the new and improved forum with Sub-Forums, movable posts, blockable signatures, and many other modern forum features that have been needed for a long time. Disallowing donating equipped items to a gang, come on you know it makes sense. Testing the Eternal Lantern, any guesses what this will do?  Enabling an NPC to randomly appear in different ports, as well as some new player features to make sure the transition is smooth when we are ready to launch the updated interface to the main server.

Blog or Not to BlogCaptain Vane has asked some questions about the blog efficacy in a few posts and we will be reviewing what you have offered to see if it can help us in the future, our goal with most of our “How to Play” blog posts is to make sure new players can easily find useful information on how to play the game correctly.


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