Company Update 12/19/2015

You Asked For It!

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

Ask & Ye Shall Receive

(Note: The sale should go live sometime today) So after begging, pleading and generally screaming with servers we have the Ask & Ye Shall Receive (within reason) Sale finally setup (had to do enter in every syphilitic puppy killin’ slimey bastitch item manually).  So rejoice and know that almost every request made the cut, though there were some items that we just couldn’t offer at the low prices you saw during the Black Friday Sale, many are still listed. Giving those extremely low prices would simply make it so that paying players would overwhelmingly dominate the game, and destroy the game balance we have been working so hard on for the past few months.  But rejoice, you can get your Frost Wands, Itineraries, Shiny Deeds, Delight, Twigs and more today!  Seriously, there is no waiting for the stuff you asked us to put up, so get into the shop (the arena shop here) and get what you wanted!  Show us your mother taught ya some manners, and give thanks as a comment on Facebook.

Main Comp – Icy Demise

Icy DemiseTaru’el and Ash’erah have slipped through your clutches for the last time! You find them back aboard ship, trying to escape. It’s time to bring everything you have to bear against them and wipe them out! But you see that your crimes at the Antarctic Casino have not gone unnoticed. After ridding the world of the ice wielders, you’ll have to high-tail it out of there, fending off your pursuers, until you can reach safe harbor.

Also, Saba Gecko Blood, Antilles Frog Eggs, and Bloody Hearts in players’ inventories will be cleared immediately before this competition.

Testing, Testing, Testing

home_bg.jpgThe past few weeks have been focused on testing the new content management system (Joomla) to help fix multiple bugs, and get many of our current features updated (Forums, Tavern, Private Chat, Gang Forums, etc…)  Planning stages of mobile devices are also going the rounds. While the new update isn’t mobile optimized yet, I find that I personally haven’t had any issues other than needing to zoom in on my android device.

Ye Asked TOO Much!

As always our post asking for a specific set of requests turned out the dogs begging for table scraps, though this did get us thinking and we are testing many of your requests.  Things like “Increasing Active Quest Logs”, possibly getting an inventory you can sort, or wanting to know, “LIKE WHY THESE HUGE trophy’s cost heaps and what they are for .”  Dath made it clear to me, “We shall NOT be revealing that information for christmas: It’s classified.”  Keep collecting and be ready for what comes of it.  

Some things just aren’t happening, such as shipping body parts or even a blown up version.  Islands are very costly (as seen here), but if you know Bill Gates and wanted to give us an introduction, I am sure we could work something out.

Merry Christmas, and if we didn’t mention you holiday please let us know with a good flogging in the comments so we can be more cultured during this time of the year!

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