No Guts, No Glory – Main Competition

Waves and Warfare

Beginning on December 10th at 10 p.m. EST and lasting until December 12th at 10 p.m. ESTMain Players will be competing in the No Guts, No Glory Competition!  The competition will be a Train to Sink event, where you will earn points for Training in StrengthDefenseSpeed, and Seamanship, as well as, Naval Attacks.  This competition will also include modifiers that will allow you to utilize Saba Gecko BloodAntilles Frog Eggs , and Bloody Hearts that you collect after the competition has begun, to increase point accumulation.  The Saba Gecko Blood and Antilles Frog Eggs have a 75% chance of adding to your sink scores, and the Bloody Hearts will have a 90% chance of adding to your scores.  However, because the modifying items will have the potential to add to your score in the competition, those items will be cleared from your inventory before this competition begins; so make sure to use any existing Saba Gecko Blood, Antilles Frog Eggs, and Bloody Hearts BEFORE December 10th when the competition commences.

This may seem like quite an ordeal, but it is because the rewards a great and powerful!  The Overall Competition Winner will receive 1,000 Favor and the Glacialis Deed for starters and the First Place Leaderboard Winners will be awarded our New Hibonite Gem along with both Gold Treasure Chest A, and Gold Treasure Chest B!  Even the Participation Prizes are worth competing in No Guts, No Glory!

For any more information regarding the upcoming competition, please follow the below listed link to see exactly what you have the chance to win from No Guts, No Glory!  See you on the Seas!

Competitions Leaderboard

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