Fortress of Inciendas



The pirates have finally caught up with Glacialis, but some of the pursuing vessels have also caught up with them! And as if that’s not enough to contend with, Ash’erah has summoned her fiercest creatures to defend her. Golden Eye chops off the tentacles of a giant squid that latches onto his ship, while Mayhem boots a boarding warrior in the face. SMOrc skewers an angry leopard seal while Bigbewbs body-slams a fallen opponent. Chaos has broken out on every ship, and the firing of cannons and guns fills the air with the smell of gun powder. “Ready your aim,” comes the voice of Taru’el. “Incieglos taru! Fire!” Arrows are unleashed from the archers on Glacialis. One strikes a pirate in the stomach and ice coats his chest as he tumbles to the deck, freezing in place. Another arrow hits the main sail, and a portion of the cloth freezes solid, impeding the ship.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew of Glacialis cuts boarding lines and does combat with the few pirates to make it on board. Bearfuzz is one of them, and he dodges past his assailants and rushes the ice mistress. Ash’erah flings herself to the side as a spear nearly hits her. She tears the spear from his hands and her icy nails rake bearfuzz’s face. He strikes with his Kraken’s Spine and she dodges, left and right, then she sinks her nails into his chest and hurls him from the ship, cackling madly. “Is this the best you can do, fools!? You shall all become meals for my beasts!”


Greek Fire

While the attention of the enemy crew is occupied elsewhere, lightchest wraps his Crystalline Cloak tightly about him. He drops into the water and swims below the surface. Those lessons in survivalism help him ignore the freezing cold water as it envelopes him. He makes his way to the front of Glacialis, where none watch, and he uses his Leopard Seal Gloves to scale the hull of the ship. He locates Taru’el and Ash’erah commanding their minions—Taru’el directs the men while Ash’erah directs the beasts.  Suddenly, Sevens uses Taru’el’s own wand against him. The sorcerer deflects the first blast, and an archer is frozen. The second freezes him in place, and Taru’el must focus to free himself.  Ash’erah shouts a command, and an ice bat latches onto Sevens and drags him over the water, dropping him while she laughs.

With the Crystalline Cloak on, lightchest blends in with the ship, and has not yet been noticed as he makes his way toward his mark. He sees his chance, and with a bound he lands beside the struggling Taru’el. The ice master looks at him in dread and cries, “NOOO!” as lightchest swings Stalactar at his neck. The blade passes clean through, beheading the sorcerer.

Meanwhile, Bane has used his mastery of the elements to walk across the water between ships, striking down a deadly sea snake in his path, and boarded Glacialis. He wields Cdr. West’s Godsbane, and Ash’erah sees her doom even as she laughs. Her smile fades and her laughter turns to a shriek of rage and anger as the holy avenger cleaves through her skull.

After that, Glacialis is quickly taken and the pirates turn their attention to their other attackers. The battle goes on for some time as the ships maneuver and seek advantage over one another. Finally, after the last ship has fled or been sunk, the pirate lords hold conference.


Inciendas Fortress

Fortress of Inciendas, coast of southern Chile

Red Beard says, “Accordin’ to a prisoner we interrogated, the ice masters were heading for the Fortress of Inciendas in Chile. The skull of Ignaas confirms that that is where we should strike next.”

The Pope warns, “Alas, the prisoner also revealed a mustering of the forces of the Mad Sea King. If we delay, they shall find us and smite us in his wrath!”

Groany says, “If his weapons are any indication of his might, I’d say his wrath is pretty bad.”

Henna smiles and says, “But not as bad as your breath!”

D233 says, “Well, what do we know about the commander of this fortress?”

Bubbles says, “Well, let’s just say after what we’ve been through, he’ll be a whole lot of sunshine on a cold day!”

“That’s a nice way of putting it,” says lightchest. “I’ve heard that Inciendas is the brother of Tinieblas, whom Old Ironbeard used to gain the Caleuche and then killed him.”

Golden Eye says, “He’s a Pyromancer. So we’ll have to find some way of surviving against his spells.”

“Yeah, it’s not like our ships will be vulnerable or nuthin’!” warns Mayhem.

Bigbewbs says, “I might know someone who can help! I have an intimate friend who was working on Greek Fire in that area.”

SMOrc grunts. “Well,” he says. “I guess we’ll have to fight fire with fire…”

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