Long Overdue Update 1/18/2016

Ahoy you citric acid deficient pirates!  I guess “scurvy” would have worked instead 😉  It has been far too long since I have taken time to get this update out, and I wanted to go over some things that we have done and what we intend to do to keep these seas worth sailing.

You Might Have Missed

  • WhistlepigRandom NPC Port Spawns are now active, the Whistlepig and Troll Raiding Parties. Get searching in random ports and bring them down!
  • New incenseDark Fury Incense is ready for use and doubles attack to all gang members for 24 hours.
  • Have you tried the Haiti Quests yet? Beating Behemoths and Tree Hugging never felt so good!
  • Personal LTO Token

    Some new Player Inspired LTO’s that will be made available soon:

    • Professor Kyo’s Lab Coat
      Whether you’re working late-night in the lab, or spending the night out on the town, never leave home without protection.
    • Cdr. West’s Godsbane
      An almighty, divine blade made for Cdr. West. The bane of dark forces everywhere, Cdr. West is a pirate of honor. His legendary power has saved many a good seaman from an untimely meeting with Davy Jones!
    • Kagutsuchi’s Blood Staff
      In the Chronicles of the High Priest of Ziribain, the Fire God, it reads: “Bluntz’s Blood Staff is without a doubt the strongest weapon in the history of any universe. It’s power far surpasses that of all the gods. It’s power is used to destroy planets, although it is strong enough to destroy entire solar systems with ease.”
      Vaunted much? You’ll have to try it and find out!
    • Mr. Blues Pet Boulder
      The Rock had a jaded childhood and finally grew up. It’s not so nice anymore!
    • Chilly Cheek’s Frosty Mug
      A frosty mug fit for a queen! Sure to deal frostbite to whoever is foolish enough to stand within range!

What We Have Planned

A New Server for Breaking!Arena Upgrade & Downtime– Scheduled server update will launch on Arena, with Downtime Wed 1/20 at 3 am server time and they should last 2 hours.
Eventually these updates will speed up the servers quite a bit, but this is only step 2 of 5.

As well I know there are many players who would like to understand the minds of game makers.  We will be offering a series of posts soon to give you some insight on how those minds think and what we base some of our decisions on depending on the interest.


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    • Thanks Parker,

      I should have proof read this better when my home network cut out while writing throughout the week.

      Captain Andrek

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