Old Ironbeard Major Competition Series Finale – February


The Major Competition for February is just around the corner and it is going to be epic!  The Competition will be the finale to the Old Ironbeard Competition Series and will require a Mysterious Coin and Old Ironbeard’s Compass to enter the Competition.  Both the Coin and the Compass can be acquired in the Competitions leading up to the Major in February, and can also be purchased in the Spice Shop, if you miss one of the needed comps.  The Major Competition will begin on the Arena Server on February 20th-24th and on the Main Server on February 25th-29th.

The Competition will be challenging but the rewards will be spectacular!  The Overall Leaderboard Winner will get a truly special item: he or she will win an Unnamed Blade!  This blade will be given the Name of the Winner and its stats will be decided by the winner (in conjunction with The Master of the Sea’s allowances)!  Also new chests are being developed in the Master of the Sea’s Watery Dungeon and will be awarded to all Leaderboard Winners.  If that was not motivation enough, Leaderboard Winners will also win as follows: 1st – Old Ironbeard’s Falchion; 2nd – Coral Spear; and 3rd – Stalactar! And to top all of that off, the Top 3 Winners will be awarded an Eternal Lantern and the new Caleuche!  If you don’t know what the Caleuche is, check out the Shipyard and see for yourself!  See you on the Seas!

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