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The Major Competition for this month is upon us!  Beginning January 27th at 12 a.m. EST and lasting until the 30th at 12 a.m.  This competition is the 2nd to last in the Old Ironbeard series. Players will receive major points for killing and sinking based on the the strength of the defeated player relative to the victorious player, and also based on number of Greek Fires they have accumulated. Greek Fire is obtained by doing quests in Guaitecas Archipelego. Minor points are received for NPC kills.  This competition will also yield the Mysterious Coin, which will be a required item in the Old Ironbeard Finale Major in February. If you fail to earn it, or don’t already have one, you can purchase it in the spice shop.

The pirate captains have located a holding place for Old Ironbeard’s Treasure on the coast of Chile. But to get it, you’ll have to break into the Fortress of Inciendas! As the surviving brother of Tinieblas, the warlock who cursed Old Ironbeard when he was killed by him, Inciendas has no love for any kind of buccaneer. His cliff-side cannons and ships stand ready to lay waste to you the moment you come into view! And his men line the shore, armed to the teeth. To best them, you’ll need to produce the legendary substance, Greek Fire. With it, you may just be able to wreak some revenge for Old Ironbeard AND yourself, and burn your enemies to cinders! And if you can survive this encounter, you may just sail away with some serious booty!

The competition will be tough but the rewards will be great!  Overall Leaderboard First Place will win a Locker of Fame, and a Personal LTO Token; and Second Place will win a hearty Pat on the Back, along with a Locker of Fame.  First Place Leaderboard Prize Winner will receive Loki’s CoinBane’s Bloody ChestCaptain Flint’s TreasureJewel-Encrusted Chest, and the Fiery Boots of Inciendas!  For more information about the prizes you can win, even for just participating, check out the Competitions Leaderboard link below!  See you on the Seas!

Competitions Leaderboard

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