Stop the Spanish Armada – Gang Comp Arena

Spanish Armada

There is a New Competition brewing in Arena for Gangs Only!  The Competition will begin 11 a.m. EST January 19th and last until 11 a.m. on the 21st. Gangs will receive points for training in all attributes, and for killing NPCs (in proportion to their overall strength). A new NPC, the Spanish Armada, will become available during the competition, and will appear randomly at the mentioned ports below.  Please NoteYou are not able to join a gang during a gang competition. So if you leave your gang (or are kicked), you will have to wait until this competition ends to join again. You are also unable to create or delete a gang during a gang competition.

We have intercepted a message from the Spanish King Phillip IV ordering his Armada of Galleons to attack the heart of the Pirate World!  They are headed to our main trade ports and MUST be stopped!  Team up with your Gang Members and head to Nassau, Port Royal, Port of Monaco, and Port of Tortuga to try and stop this impending force of doom to life as we know it!  The enemy is keen, powerful, ruthless, and their ships are state of the art.  The Spaniards are trying to wipe Pirate Trade off the face of the Map in one fell swoop and it will take quite a gang to stop them.  Only YOUR gang can save our world!

The enemy will be fierce but the rewards great!  Overall Leaderboard Prizes will be Nirvana IncenseMariners Incense, and our brand new Dark Fury Incense!  The First Place Leaderboard Prizes will consist of a slew of Bronze Treasure Chest ABronze Treasure Chest BSilver Treasure Chest ASilver Treasure Chest BGold Treasure Chest AGold Treasure Chest BHenna’s Mystery Chest, and Dark Fury Incense!  For more information about the Competition please check out the Competitions Leaderboard link below, and remember this is a gang competition. Rewards will go into the gang vault, and be divvied up at the discretion of the gang leader.

Competitions Leaderboard

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