February Update

Barebones updates, no flare, no fluff, and lots of good stuff.

Old Ironbeard

  • Next generation testing for intuitive use allowing us to go mobile sooner.
    • Menu update & testing to utilize all screen space.
    • Live stats
    • New Player Creation Initial Setup
    • Port Hopping NPC’s
    • Fine Tune Auto-Grinding (expanding the functionality of the fishing permits into other uses)
    • Creating all new quests
    • Enhancing the Spice Markets and Inventories
    • Sorting Gang Vaults
  • 446Currently there is a competition running.  Click Here to enjoy Old Ironbeard’s Revenge which is the last in his series. So join in before it ends.
  • Speaking of the competition ending, since the server threw a curveball, we have increased the competition another 24 hours.
  • We added a new quest chain: Eye of the Sea
  • Also added the Draco Island: Troll Quests
  • The Caleuche now has Ghost Ship properties 
  • Click Here to Take Advantage of the Sale
    • For a limited time you will find a Rainbow Plate &  Mark’s Summers’ Sunflare Chilie
    • Spice Packs are on SALE 2.5X! Awake Potions and Training Boosers are on sale as well ‘Buy One Get One FREE!’
  • We have upgraded the server to compeletely new hardware giving us 25% more processors & over 600%  RAM capacity


As you can see, we have been extremely busy and have the goal of setting a marketing launch to get new players interested in our updated game within the next 4 months.

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