A New Generation & The Life of a Freebooter

ship at island falls2Years of peace and prosperity have passed since the fall of the Mad Sea God. The seas have been unusually safe, with fewer casualties to storms than in the past. Fresh, clean water has been found in abundance on many islands, leading to greater prosperity for the pirates who occupy them. In fact, some have even taken to cultivating vegetables!

Meanwhile, life among civilized people has become even more difficult. The rich are getting richer, and exploiting the less affluent even more than before. Nobles have become petty, wasting the lives of their peasants in meaningless squabbles. And crime in the big cities has risen to an all-new high.  The trading companies have made a special nuisance of themselves, profiting on the misfortunes of others and evading justice.

Because of these things, life as a freebooter has taken on a greater appeal than ever before. Numerous men and women have taken to the seas, eager to throw in with a crew of buccaneers that suits them. But not just anyone can make it as a pirate! If you plan on surviving out here, you’ll need to build your skill and physique to withstand the elements AND the wily cutthroats who’ll share your meals!

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