Baggage Claim / Dropping Off AND Picking Up

port raid

Well, you managed to elude the Vice Admiral, but now his makeshift prisons are full of pirates and other unfortunate seafarers who weren’t so lucky. Some of your friends are among them. You’d like to just wipe yer hands and be done with ’em, but you’ve a bone o’ loyalty left in you, and ye don’t wish to hang out to dry them as have done ye well. ‘Sides, you might need the skills o’ them scallywags someday! Might be a good idea to drop off some fightin’ men and pick up yer detained colleagues. But time’s on yer side.

amber bottle stopper

Amber Bottle Stopper

While waiting to strike, you hear tale of some special Amber Bottle Stoppers carried by Cabral’s top men. They are said to hold some kind of ancient power. If your operation goes well, ye may even find some of them!

At last, ye hear that Vice Admiral Guiomar Cabral is out huntin’ on the open seas. Seems the time’s ripe for you to get yer gang together and claim your living baggage—plus whatever else you can get yer hands on! Take over as many ports as ye can and hold ’em until your allies have been located, busted, and joined you for drinks! When Cabral comes home, he’s in for a surprise!

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