How to Use Coupons

Quick How-to on Coupons

A few of you have asked how to use coupons.  Well I had to dig into it myself I really learn, and this is what I came up with.

  1. Your coupons will appear at the top of the User Favor Sales Page.
    1. If you don’t see them there, please contact Skahz. He is best suited to track this problem down.
  2. If there is a Green border around your coupons, they will be used on your next transaction
  3. If there is a Red border around them, then you will want to click on that coupon.

    Red Border Around the Coupon Means It Isn't Active

    Note the Red Border, this coupon will not work for the next purchase.

  4. If you see Inactive near the top of the coupon, then you will need to activate it.
  5. Click the Green Activate Button

    Click that Activate Button to Make it Work

    Note that red Inactive warning. Click the green Activate button to make it work on the next sale

  6.  This should activate your coupon & it will be used on your next purchase.
  7. IF your coupon is not used when you make a purchase, and didn’t get removed, then you are likely trying to use it with an item that it wasn’t intended for. Read the description of the coupon and verify what it is meant for.
  8. Enjoy the discount 😀

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