Throwing the Fight / Striking Colors

Jolly RogerYou’re under attack! Drums beat loudly and a shrill whistle sounds, rousing you from yer slumber. A voice is heard from above deck: “All hands to the ready! Jolly Roger sighted!” Out of nowhere, a squadron of ships has surrounded you in the night and is closing in! Not one to travel without backup, you scan the darkness and see one of your traveling companions trying to flee as the vessel burns. Bright lanterns in the mastheads of the enemy ships illuminate the skull and crossbones, indicating that any attempt to fight will result in no quarter.


Quart Doorknob

You fear that the mastermind behind this assault may be the murderer being hunted by Vice Admiral Guiomar Cabral. ‘Tis a shame that he’s not around when he’d be of use! Suddenly, sounds of commotion announce some unwelcome visitors at the starboard bow. A group of pirates have boarded your ship and are disarming your men! You see a flash of light as it reflects from a strange Quartz Doorknob hanging at the belt of an assailant. Then another gleams in your direction. You wonder what sort of devilry is at work here, for such an odd fashion choice to rear its head on the open seas.

It’s time to decide whether to strike colors or resist the blackguard! You know the reputation of this villain, and he’s no one to be trifled with. Might you profit by bowing your head to the rapscallion for a time? Perhaps if you throw the fight, ye’ll be able to survive and carry information to Cabral later…information that he will pay for dearly!

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